Friday Letters

My mom keeps telling me she misses Friday Letters. And since she was my very first follower, and probably my only follower who reads this blog religiously, I figured I should bring it back for her.

Love you, Mom :P
Dear Beverly - My beautiful, El Salvadorian friend!! I am SO FREAKING EXCITED for you and your recent engagement! I wish more than anything I could have been there with you. Like sitting right in between you and Kevin. Because that wouldn't have been awkward...And I can't wait to see you this summer and celebrate the beginnings of your new life together! Te amo :) Dear Husband -  Your face is healing nicely. I can tell that since the surgery your jaw line has become a little more defined. I have a feeling that once your swelling is gone completely you're going to be even more sexy than usual...just saying... Dear Washington - I was really enjoying the dry spell you were giving us! Despite the frigid cold temperature, it was nice to be soaked from head to tow when I arrived to work for once. But I suppose good times can't last forever, so you brought back the rain. Uncool. Very uncool. Dear Work - The new year brought a lot more responsibility when it comes to you. At first I was excited! It feels good to be busy at work! But now you're kind of cutting into my blogging time, which means time for a time management revamp..I may have to begin blogging at night. Or quit my job. Dear Blog Buddies - Just a heads up, I have an amazing surprise for you on Monday. You won't want to miss it.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures!
Glad to hear your hubby is healing nicely!! Defined jaw lines are very sexy :D
I'm definitely not excited about the rain, then again I hated how cold it was. I just want Summer!
Can't wait for Monday!!

Jessica Odom said...

Following you from Friendly Friday! I love your letters. I pretty much want to quit my job and blog too, haha.


Bev said...

hi. i'm following the "friendly friday" blog hop. i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it.


new follower bev

Chelsea said...

Hi there! I'm new from the link up but I love your blog! I'm definitely stopping back Monday for your surprise! :-)


Bev said...

Daniellita!!! Yo tambien te amoooo!!!! :)
Thanks for the letter!!!! :) I feel special :)
I am so excited to see you and share with you this awesome time too.....:)

LWLH said...

Glad to hear the hubs is healing well. And oooh, can't wait till Monday!