Eleanor | 4 Months Old

Eleanor turned 4 months old last week... this has definitely been the biggest month for Eleanor developmentally. Girl wants to be on the move!
 Weight: 12lbs 9oz
Height: 25in
 Eleanor Joy likes...
(especially her brown+pint crinkle blankie)
diaper changes
her binky
naps in the ergo
watching Jack play
and her mommy
did I mention her mommy?
Eleanor Joy dislikes...
when mommy leaves
loud noises
being put down
anyone but mommy ;)
Health: Eleanor is now completely in size 3-6 month clothes and she moved up into size 2 diapers. Unfortunately, my gut feeling was confirmed at her 4 month wellness checkup and it looks like my little love has reflux. I knew Eleanor spit up what seems to be mass quantities of milk after every feeding and the burping issue that I mentioned before has only seemed to get worse. That fact and along with some other suspect systems (arching her back, interrupted sleep due to gas, screaming before and after spitting up, etc.) had me worried but I was praying it was simply me being paranoid. Ellie is such a sweet, happy baby most of the time it's hard for me to imagine anything was wrong. But when the doctor put her on that scale my heart just sunk. Eleanor isn't gaining weight at the rate she should be. I knew it...but now that it's been confirmed by her doctor we're taking some necessary steps in hopes that the reflux will subside. I immediately eliminated dairy from my diet and started Eleanor on a infant probiotic. I'm also just carrying her a lot more so that she can remain upright longer after a feeding in hopes of not losing her entire meal by spitting up. Praying that progress is made with these adjustments by her next weight check appointment in 2 weeks.

Nursing: No change here during the day.. Eleanor still nurses about every 3 hours. Nights, however, are a different story. Ellie and I flew to NY for my brother Justin's wedding and during our stay she started waking an extra time at night...about 5 hours after falling asleep instead of the 7-8 hour stretch she usually did. She falls right back to sleep after her first feeding and then wakes to eat again 3-4 hours later. Could be that the trip messed up her sleep schedule a bit, could be teething or the 4 month sleep regression, or maybe even another symptom of reflux! Who knows! I'm just thankful she goes right back to sleep with no fuss after feeding each time.

Sleeping:  I definitely don't think Eleanor is getting enough sleep during the day so she's been making up for it at night by falling asleep even earlier! She's out by 6 or 6:30 every night now! That's pretty darn early... Most nights she's waking up around 11 to nurse and then again around 3. She is up for the day by 6:30 usually. I can't complain --12 hours with only 2 night wakings is bliss compared to her brother who at one point was waking 8 times a night to nurse!! I still am not sure how I survived that one.

And despite my efforts, Eleanor is officially a tummy sleeper. She actually has been for a while now but I would gently roll her back onto her side or back. Now that has become pointless because as soon as I walk away she rolls back onto her tummy. She also still loves to sleep covered in a million blankets. I let her fall asleep that way and then I go in and remove all the blankets for the night. She is so cute when she sleeps it's hard for me to get anything done.
New this Month: So much! Eleanor did great on her first plane ride. Hardly made a peep and when she did she simply smiled and cooed at everyone who looked her way. I even had a gentleman tell me that she had given him baby fever ;)! She met lots of friends and family while traveling and was seriously just the best little traveling companion ever. Developmentally, Eleanor has been rolling both ways like it's her job! She enjoys playing on her belly and reaching for toys. She can even get her knees up under her like she's trying to crawl away (stop it! just stop it already!) Anything she grabs immediately goes into her slobbery, teething mouth. She also discovered her feet and toes this month, which is always cute! Also, girlfriend can talk! I always thought Jack was such a chatterbox at this age, but I think she's got him beat. She is always cooing up a storm to anyone who will listen. And those legs! Always kicking them making me believe she might just stand straight up and run away! She is a wiggle worm for sure. Also, I don't know if separation anxiety can be a thing this young... but Ellie definitely has it. When I leave the room she puts on the cutest sad face and just starts bawling. It's pretty much adorable...

Even with the reflux issues, Eleanor is such a happy, content baby. I feel so blessed to have her as my daughter. She is so easy to make smile and laugh. Every time she wakes up she smiles and looks at me as if I've been gone for years and she's just so ecstatic I'm back now! I love this sweet girl so much!
Happy 4 months, Eleanor Joy!
You are adored by each of us so very much!