The Boys

My flannel wearing, zombie obsessed husband who never fails to make my heart go boom!
His generosity is annoyingly sweet and his loyalty to our little family is fierce.
The holder and protector of my heart. Hottest best friend I've ever had.

My blonde hair, blue eyed little man.
Stole my heart on February 12, 2014.
Loves pulling Huckleberry's hair.
Gives the best (THE BEST) open mouthed kisses.

The most photogenic pup in the world.
This little man had me wrapped around his fluffy tail from day one.
My constant companion. My ever present shadow.
Makes those gloomy Seattle days a little more bright.
Silent ninja. Destroyer of all rodents. Stalker of anything that moves.
Cuddliest cuddle butt. Purrs louder than a train.
Loves his chin rubs and Huckleberry's treats. 
Adores his big brother, Huck.
I love all my boys so, so much!!

To read more about the boys click on their names above!


sea to shining port said...

He is so sweet!!! My boyfriend surprised me with our guy almost four years ago...and he has seriously changed our lives. But you're right, a puppy is so much work!! How are you liking Seattle?? My best friend (and co-blogger) lives there, and I get to visit her every month or so. My sister is at UW also, so I get up there quite a bit!! I'm an I-5 warrior :)

- Caitlin

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

I have a girlfriend for Huck. ;) My little golden, Sasha (okay...not so little...she's growing faster than I can sweep up her hair balls. Ha!) How old is Huck? Sasha was born 6/18, so happy 6 month bday to her tomorrow. ;) Puppyhood is harrrrrrrrd! But we love her.
Huck is adorable! I better check out the dog whisperer. Haha. Today, Sasha ate her harness off...again. Ugh.

Patty said...

I love this post, and all your puppy-posts! Congrats on your fur-baby :)

Fel said...

I just found your blog from story of my life, and needed to tell you that i'm in love with this dog! also, how do you like seattle? i'm dying to visit there and would love to know some of the best spots to go/stay!

Jess said...

I.Love.Huckleberry. And that name? So adorable! I am trying to convince my husband we need another dog and I want a golden so baaaad. Our dog is a golden mix and he couldn't be more perfect. I love your blog, too! Looking forward to following along!

Jessica Wilkins said...

I just recently found your blog, and I absolutely fell in love with your golden! He's beautiful, I have two boy goldens as well. They are the most wonderful dogs!

Jasmine said...

I just found your blog through Jenni (SOML) and I'm excited to follow along and read more :-)

Your dog is a cutie bear and I love his name! X

Hayley Geer said...

How cute is he?! I have two dogs that I am absolutely in love with. It's crazy how attached we get to our animals :)

Jesslyn Amber said...

This is so precious! I'm in love with him already. Huck is so beautiful, and he has an awesome name. :)

Kaitlin L said...

He is adorable!!! Reminds me of my old dog, also a golden. Such a great breed :)