Eleanor | 10 Months

My sweet, little girl is 10 months old... this is going way too quickly! I cannot believe we are approaching one year :(
 10 month old Eleanor likes...
playing with big brother, Jack
being chased
screaming joyfully at the top of her lungs
her binky
crawling on mommy or Jack's bed
eating lots and lots of solids
 10 month old Eleanor dislikes...
diaper and outfit changes
being put in the carseat (once she's in she's fine)
when mommy leaves the room
Health: This month was tough in the health department. Jack and Eleanor both got the stomach bug when daddy was away on a business trip! Those were quite the challenging few days for me! I don't think I've ever seen anything as sad as my sweet baby girl puking. She was dry heaving so much that she started throwing up specks of blood. It was devastating :( Everyone is healthy and back to normal now though! On my home scale Eleanor weighs 20lbs. Still in size 3 diapers but has moved up to size 12 clothing.

Nursing: Eleanor has really increased her solid food intake this month so is not nursing as much during the day. I usually nurse her before both her naps and again at night. Maybe a random nursing session for comfort during the day if she needs it. However, she is killing me...KILLING ME...with her nighttime nursing. At least 4 times a night and sometimes more.... (Lord, HELP ME!).

Solids: All this girl wants to do is eat. She learned how to sign "more" and is basically signing it to me every time we walk into the kitchen. She is sooo excited when I put her in her highchair for food. She starts flapping her arms and kicking her legs so hard I think she might actually fly away. Favorites are blueberries, bananas, peas, carrots, bread (girl after my own heart right there), and pretzels. (I probably shouldn't give my 10 month old pretzels but she is OBSESSED! When she hears anything that remotely sounds like your opening a pretzel bad she will come speed crawling from wherever she is in the house to get some. It's pretty funny.)

Eleanor does not like eggs. This makes me sad because Jack and I eat them almost every morning and they're so quick and easy!

Also, we're still avoiding giving her dairy directly until after her first birthday.

Sleeping: Ya'll, Eleanor has officially passed her brother to earn the title of worst sleeper. This girl SUCKS at sleeping. She fights naps (Why?!?! She used to be such a great napper.) and it takes me forever to get her to sleep only to have her wake up 30 minutes later. For night time sleep she is up at least 4 times a night if not more (like every 2 hours). It's hard. So, so hard. We have regressed so much in the sleep department and I am exhausted. However, she did get 2 new teeth this month! (All on the top. So 4 on top and 2 on bottom now.) That's a ton! So my prayer is that teething has had a lot to do with it and her sleep will drastically improve soon.
New this Month: Eleanor took her first independent steps the day she turned 10 months old! Since then she's been practicing everyday and getting more and more confident. She still prefers to crawl everywhere though and she is such a fast crawler! Now, not only does Eleanor clap and wave hi, but this month she started to give high-fives and sign "more" as well. She is still such a social butterfly. She loves smiling and waving at everyone she sees.. and if she really likes you she'll give you an excited, high-pitched scream. Not a dainty squeal, it is most definitely a scream. Haha! She does a lot of babbling but the only word she consistently says is "mama." One of her favorite things to do is to get on mine or Jack's bed and then tumble about and roll over again and again. It's hysterical to watch! Every time I make my bed and throw the pillows on the floor she does the same thing... just dives into my pillows and starts tumbling and rolling about. She also loves being chased and practicing walking by pushing Jack on his tricycle.
This has been such a big month for you, baby girl! I can't believe you are almost walking! Everyday is such an adventure with your joyful smiles and squeals. I love seeing the world through your eyes. Happy 10 months, Eleanor Joy!