Eleanor | 5 Months

*RANT* Why is it that I take Eleanor's monthly photos on the 4th of every month without fail but I cannot, CANNOT, get my act together to write these updates in a timely manner?!? She is growing and changing so much month to month and I'm going to forget it all!!! I want a Peter Pan baby that just stays little forever... *END RANT*

Eleanor is 5 months old and simply a superstar. She is the sweetest, most happy and content baby. She truly is such a joy to me and Steven (and even Jack Jack)!
 Eleanor Joy likes...
getting her diaper changed
any and all toys
the exersaucer
Huckleberry & Herschel
lotion messages
the ergo
her binky
 Eleanor Joy dislikes...
anyone holding her but mommy or daddy
her car seat
Health: After Eleanor was diagnosed with reflux at her 4 month wellness checkup, my naturopath suspected a possible dairy intolerance and I immediately cut out diary from my diet. I saw a noticeable difference within just 72 hours. Her spitting up completely stopped and although she still burped often I could tell that the gas was no longer causing her discomfort. Her stool went from a runny green to the more normal yellow infant color (TMI? Oops) and she started having bowel movements once a day instead of 1 or 2 times a week! What a difference! At her 5 month weight check she was 15lbs on the dot. That's almost a 3lb weight gain.. that made for one happy, happy momma!! It feels so good to see some chub on my little girl. Since then I've been slowly putting dairy back into my diet. So far baked in dairy has been a pass but cheese and butter were fails.

Ellie is still mostly in size 3-6 month clothes but has already moved up to 9 month sleepers. Still in size 2 diapers.

Nursing: At her 4 month wellness checkup we also decided that more frequent, smaller feedings might be better for Eleanor and her spit up issues since I have an overactive supply. So I've been nursing her about every 2-2.5 hours versus every 3 hours. I basically just read her cues though and nurse on demand whenever that might be.

At night she has gone from 2 nursing sessions to 3 and it is a definite buzz kill...

Sleeping: Eleanor has finally settled into a great nap schedule making it much easier for me to manage my time juggling her and Jack! She takes a morning catnap (30-45 minutes) about 2 hours after she wakes up and then a long afternoon nap (anywhere from 2-3 hours). Sometimes she might even take a second catnap (30 minutes) in the evening before bedtime if one of her earlier naps was cut short.

For nighttime she is sleeping from 6pm-6am but with 3 night wakings to nurse!!! So she's definitely regressed from last month! Super bummed.. could be the 4 month sleep regression? Teething? Separation anxiety? Learning a new skill? Who knows but I am not a fan!

Also, Ellie is still a tummy sleeper but OH.EM.GEE. this girl moves soooooo much in her sleep. Constantly rolling over and changing from right side up, to sideways, then right side up again..

We co-sleep because I am mentally insane.
New this Month: This month Eleanor starting sitting up all on her own like a champ. I love to see her sitting there, toes pointed, reaching for her toys! She is just content to sit all day and watch Jack Jack play or Huckleberry and Herschel walk by. When she gets excited she squeals at the top of her lungs which never fails in getting Jack to laugh and then they both have the cutest little laughing fit. She enjoys jumping in her exersaucer and grabbing anything and everything and sticking it right in her mouth. We got out the highchair this month for her to sit in while we eat at the table.. she definitely likes being apart of the family dining experience and slaps at all our food and mimics us chewing. I know she's ready for solids but I'm not ready and am procrastinating :(. She also had her first stroller ride in the actual stroller seat vs her carseat. Wasn't too sure how she felt about that one! Bath time has gotten so much better though as she no longer freaks out the whole time but actually plays and has even cracked a few smiles for me here and there while in the tub ;). She definitely is a momma's girl and is not happy when I walk out of her sight. If she's on her belly she will do a complete 360 to find out where I've gone to! 
Saved the best picture for last...

Eleanor, we love every minute spent with you! You are happy, curious, and so quick to smile. You bring so much light into our lives and we simply adore you! Love you to the moon and back, Eleanor Joy!