Eleanor | 3 Months Old

Eleanor turned 3 months old on July 4th. My sweet girl is growing up and changing so quickly that I've started taking notes on my phone so I can remember all the new developments and when they happened!
 3 month old Ellie likes...
naps in the Ergo
any and all baby toys
her binky
being wrapped up to her head in blankets
cooing and talking up a storm
her mommy
3 month old Ellie dislikes...
bath time
loud noises
not being able to see mommy
Health: No wellness checkup this month so we just did measurements at home. I weighed her right on July 4th and she was about 12lbs and 24in on the dot. Still in size 1 diapers and almost completely wearing 3-6 month clothes.

Nursing: Eleanor still nurses about every 3 hours during the day and only waking once to eat at night. I do think she has started teething this month, resulting in some fussiness and tugging while nursing. But she is still a great eater and likes to stick to her 3 hour nursing schedule!

Sleeping: Eleanor has actually slept straight through the night a couple times this month! WooHoo! Most nights though she is asleep by 6:30-7, waking once to eat, and then starting her day at 6:30 or 7. I can't complain about that! 12 hours at night is a dream come true to me!! I feel as though her gas issues have gotten a little better and she is stirring less at night because she needs to burp. Now if she stirs I can usually get away with just putting her binky back in and she'll settle herself.

For naps...I've been trying to ensure Ellie gets 3 naps a day. Less than that and this girl can't hang till her 6:30 bedtime! Naps are still a challenge though because she startles so easily and Jack tends to have one volume: LOUD! The easiest way for me to help her get a good nap is by wearing her in the Ergo. She absolutely loves it and in asleep almost instantly and will usually nap 1 1/2 to 2 hours in it every morning. Her second nap happens around noon (or whenever Jack goes down for his nap), and then her last nap is hit or miss in the evenings.
New this Month: A lot of new developments this month for little miss Ellie! She was able to meet Nana and Papa Carroll for the first time in June when they came to visit for a couple weeks. She definitely enjoyed all the extra snuggling and time spent in people's arms. This girl doesn't ever want to be put down if it can be avoided ;)! The day she turned 9 weeks old she rolled from her belly to back. She doesn't do it often but can now officially roll from belly to back and back to belly! Her hand eye coordination is really improving and she is expertly reaching and grasping for her toys. If her hands aren't busy playing with a toy, she's using them to explore mommy's face or trying her darnedest to fit both fists completely in her mouth. Also, this month she discovered the joys of the mirror. Put her in front of that thing and she'll smile and coo nonstop. Probably my favorite development this month though was hearing those first giggles! Ellie is ticklish right under that adorable little chin and also on her tummy. I can't help but blow raspberry after raspberry to hear this girl's sweet giggle!
Happy 3 month, Eleanor Joy! 
You are such a happy, smiley little girl. 
We are so lucky to call you ours.