2 Day Hiatus

Steven and I are about to head to good 'ole Lynchburg, VA. The college town where we met and fell in love. We have some good friends there and are excited to visit with them. Short stay, but I know it will be worth it. I love Lynchburg. The college itself, what it stands for and represents, the classes I took, the library I spent hours in, the restaurant where I worked for 2 years {okay, I didn't love that place, but I love that I found my love there} :), and many more memories. Some bad, some bittersweet--but mostly good.

I won't be posting the next two days, but when I get back I hope to have plenty of pictures and another sweet memory to share with all of you.
In the meantime, I hope you all have a Happy New Year! 
See you in 2012.


Lookie What I Got For Christmas!!!

Wow! Can I just say that I must really love and appreciate all of you who read this blog. Not only am I doing a post using my mom's ancient PC while using terribly slow internet service {I am in West Virginia, remember?} but this post includes pictures!! Which took a lifetime and a half to upload and edit! My patience was running thin, but alas the job is done!

I wanted to share my favorite Christmas present this year with everyone. I've mentioned in this previous post that my mom is a professional scrapbooker {well, not really, but she should be!} Her scrapbooks are absolutley amazing, and browsing the pages of each one is something that never grows old to me.

This year, my mom was kind, thoughtful, and AWESOME enough to make a scrapbook for me to capture my favorite photographs and memories of Huckleberry. Here are a few pictures of the said scrapbook but  trust me, the photographs don't do the scrapbook justice. I just couldn't capture it's full cuteness! Basically, it's an 8x8 chocolate brown scrapbook with 20 pages already done by my mommy, just waiting for me to simply place my favorite photos inside!
Here are some of the pages inside. The detail is what makes it so perfect! Can't wait to put some pictures of my little boy in here!
Isn't it cute? I already know what pictures I'm going to use for most of these pages! I can't wait to get started on it :) And the best part is that it's a one of a kind! No one else will have a scrapbook quite like this one!

Are any of you interested in a giveaway that entails homemade greeting cards by my mom? Her cards are just as cute and original as the scrapbook above. If so, leave a comment and let me know! If I get enough interest, I would be happy to do a giveaway and my mom is more than happy to make the cards!

Have a lovely Tuesday, folks!


We May Have A Problem...

Okay, technically the problem is all mine. {And mostly Steven's} SOMEBODY, whose name will remain unmentioned..Steven...spilled coffee on my mac. My lovely, prized mac book pro, Henrietta. I am kinda upset, very sad, and slowing spiraling into freak out mode. Seriously, my whole life is on that computer. All the photos I've ever taken and all the stories and poems I've ever written. Right now I am Feeling. Very. Bummed.

Needless to say, blogging will be sporadic if even present at all this week. (I am on my mom's ancient PC right now and am about to punch someone in the face it is so slow and frustrating!) I am sorry. I know you must be feeling completely distressed, but once I get back to Seattle, and take my precious mac to an apple doctor, this whole mess will be straightened out (Hopefully!)

So, cross your fingers and send a little pray that the "techy" doctors that will be working on my mac will know how to save her life. 
Also, I had a great Christmas with the family and my man {minus the freak coffee spill}. So, right now I am just going to use this technology free time to continue to soak up the minutes left with family and good friends. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well!


Christmas At The Lake House

Here's some photos of the Christmas decor at my little lake house. I didn't want to spend too much money on it since I'll be hopping on a plane tomorrow for West Virginia, but having no decorations, even when you aren't there to enjoy them, just seemed depressing. Plus, Huckleberry was definitely amused by all the festivities. His tail was wagging at lightening fast speed as he sniffed the presents under the tree! He knows there is some bone goodness inside! {and a squeaky, squishy football}.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! I know I will! 
And no worries, I'll be back blogging {check that alliteration} on Monday!


Naughty or Nice?

My baby has not been very well behaved lately...
{I'm talking about Huck, not Steven :)}
Just this morning he enlarged the hole in the wall
--that he had made earlier this month--
chewed apart the area rug in the bathroom,
chewed the area rug in the hallway,
put a hole in my brand new Victoria's Secret robe,
and ate his own feces.
{and then licked my face}

What the heck is wrong with me??
Oh, the things we soft hearted folks do for our pups.

And because I love him so, I did some Huckleberry Christmas shopping yesterday!
I'm going to wrap them tonight, and on Christmas Eve, when Steven and I exchange gifts, we'll let Huckleberry open his Christmas gifts as well.
How stinkin' cute is that going to be!
My pups first Christmas!
I am one very excited momma.
He loves his bunny.
Although, Huck is probably more naughty than nice {sigh}, I am definiatly happy to have him.
And yes, I spoil him outrageously.
Unfortunately, this probably means he's going to develop only child syndrome,
but in those sweet moments, it's all worth it.
Can't wait to take picture of him unwrapping his gifts for you all!! Any other crazy dog owners buying presents for their fluffy babies this Christmas?


Last Minute Wish List + Liebster Award

{Just in case you were wondering what to get me for Christmas} I made a last minute wish list!

This amazing infinity scarf from Etsy!
These burlap TOMS. {From previous post}
This dress from ASOS. {If I had any New Years plans, this is the outfit I'd rock}
These boots from Piperlime.
Or these!
And I wouldn't mind this turquoise clutch from Etsy either!

But truthfully, I am so excited to go back to West Virginia and see my parents that it doesn't really matter if I get a darn thing for Christmas! 

Also, yesterday Ashley from Rustic Living passed on the Liebster Blog award to me. This award recognizes up and coming bloggers! Thank you, Ashley! Now it's my turn to recognize some awesome new bloggers as well.

All of these ladies have super cute blogs. So, you should go check them out!
If you have been awarded the coveted Liebster award, here’s what’s next:
* choose five up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers to award
*show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.  If you not already a follower of their blog, that might be a great way to show appreciation for the award.  ;)
*Post the award on your blog.  Be sure to link back to the 5 blogs you awarded so that others can visit them.

Hope you all are having an AMAZING Wednesday!!!!


The Love Story

They say love makes the world go round. Well, if that’s true, my world spins a little faster with Steven in it. We don’t have the typical love at first sight fairytale; rather, ours goes a little something like this.

Once upon a time, there was a princess who thought she had met her prince. Come to find out, she most certainly had not. I met my ex in high school. On paper, he’s perfect. Cute, funny, loves the Lord…all those things we hopeless romantics put on our Must Have in Future Mate lists when we’re 6 years old. Yet, four years into dating this paper-perfect man, I still had this sickening feeling in my stomach and these all-consuming doubts in my head. I’m honestly not certain why he wasn’t the one. Truthfully, if I read a list of all his traits I’d probably say, “That is him. That’s the guy I’m going to marry.” I thank the Lord everyday though that he knows my heart more intimately than I ever can.

I met Steven the summer before my junior year in college. Although we went to the same university, I never saw him at school. I had recently decided to move off campus for my junior year, which meant I needed to buy a car, which in turn meant I needed a job to cover these expenses. I took a serving position at a country-styled restaurant that makes banging pancakes {many of you know it as Cracker Barrel} and hated every minute of it. Usually grumbling and miserable, I never noticed I was being noticed by the All-American, blonde haired, blue eyed waiter; honestly, I don’t think I would have known his name if it wasn’t stitched onto his apron.

Life went on. I paid my bills, wrote my papers, aced all my exams, and daily grew more discontent and anxious over the relationship I was in. I won’t go into details because there isn’t much to tell. It just wasn’t right, and the heart knows those types of things. I’m not sure when or what made it happened. Maybe Steven and I started working more shifts together, maybe we simply started speaking more {despite the impression you probably get from this blog, I’m actually rather shy and don’t talk to people very easily}. Whenever it was or whatever it was, a change took place, and I noticed him. But I was with the paper-perfect man, and I don’t give up on things easily. Even when they are bringing me down, making me sick, and turning me into someone I can’t recognize. I was determined to make it work with my ex and determined not to stare too long at Steven’s striking blue eyes {or nice butt, Steven has a really nice butt, fyi}.

Soon, I found myself wanting to go to work. I couldn’t wait to see him. I wasn’t oblivious to his attention, the flirtatious looks and OH SO CHEESY pickup lines! Steven was anything but subtle. I began talking about him to my friends, analyzing his every glance and pondering over his every word. I remember talking to my best friend and roommate, Beverly, about him touching my hand in the server aisle one day. “Did he mean to do that? He knows I have a serious boyfriend, why is he flirting with me? Maybe that’s just how he is. I bet he doesn’t even like me.” Needless to say, I was thinking about him. A lot. Furthermore, pretending not to notice his advances was becoming more difficult and the realization that I didn’t want to ignore them any longer was paralyzing.

This went on for about seven months. Seven months of me clinging to a broken relationship trying to piece it all together. Seven months of me continually pushing aside the overwhelming feelings I was having for Steven. Seven frustrating months. It was hard. I was in a sort of tailspin…I cried a lot, and prayed less often. Yet, in those rare moments of prayer I found tranquility, and more importantly, I found strength--strength to let go of something that was not intended for me. I broke up with my ex.

That same day, I went to work. My eyes were red and puffy {I have a very ugly cry face}, and much to my chagrin Steven was there. His advice surprised me, and quite frankly, made me angry. He told me he was sure my ex and I would get back together. He said people don’t date for four years and then just breakup. What the eff! Did he really just tell me that? Before all this I had made up my mind that although he was super cute with his persistent attempts to get my attention I WOULD NOT go out with him. Yet now, I was disappointed at his obvious non-pursuit of me when I’m finally single. His response to my breakup was confusing, but not as confusing as the disappointment I felt.  

His approach soon changed. Before the week was over he asked me out. I said no. He asked me out again. I said no again. Finally, he asked me out with a group of coworkers to go to a movie. I said yes, after all, I wouldn’t be the only one there. It wasn’t a date. Then when nobody but Steven and I showed up {trickster}. I was mortified/excited. I don’t think I breathed the entire movie and all I could think was “Is he meaning for his arm to touch mine or does he not even know that it is??”  

Spending time with him soon became my favorite moment of each day. I was drawn to him in a way I had never experienced. Surprisingly, it wasn’t frightening—it felt perfect. When I was with him everything seemed so right. After four year with my ex, my future still seemed foggy, and then after 2 months with Steven, everything in my life became crystal clear. I fell hard and quick, and everyday I continue to fall deeper.

In March, I flew to the west coast to meet his family. I knew after that week that I wanted to move to Washington to be with him forever. {Can I just interject that I am the least spontaneous/adventurous person you will ever meet! I have each day perfectly mapped out. Washington has never been on this map!} I think everyone was shocked by my announcement {including myself}, but I received such support from my family and friends, and an overwhelming sense of peace from the Lord, that I knew this was the right decision and God’s intended path for my feet to trod upon. Every day I receive affirmation anew that with Steven is exactly where I’m meant to be. By his side I am home and in his arms I am happy. My biggest fear, that I could potentially lose everything by following him across the country, has become obsolete. Instead, I found myself. The me that was cowering and shaking with fear over the possibility of making one mistake, the me that couldn’t let go, the me that had allowed myself to become lost in another. He found me. He makes me brave, and for that I am forever grateful.

In a nutshell, Steven and I are complete opposites and a perfect match. He is the ying to my yang, the love song continually stuck in my head, and the one I want holding my hand forever.

Honestly, I don’t feel like I articulated our love story well enough. Every word it took to form these sentences seems inadequate. How can I possibly describe the moments that made me fall in love or the character of the man who has the possession of my heart? I think it’s impossible. But our story is beautiful to me.


Life Lessons from Good Ole' Dickens

If you saw my post yesterday, you know that I'm currently reading Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings. I like to read literature that goes with the Season. For example, Frankenstein for Halloween {or Wuthering Heights {favorite book}..it's kinda scary and Halloween-ish!}. You can also see by these three titles that I have an affinity for the classics. I love their use of language, the attention to detail, and the originally in their tales; but most of all, I love that there is more to the story-- there is a lesson to be learned. In modern literature, far too often entertainment trumps instruction. Which, I suppose, makes sense. If you wanted instruction these days you could just go out and buy a self-help book, right? 

But listen to these words penned by Dickens:
"[i]f your room be smaller than it was a dozen years ago, or if your glass is filled with reeking punch instead of sparkling wine, put a good face on the matter, and empty it off-hand, and fill another, and troll off the old ditty you used to sing, and thank God it's no worse...Reflect upon your present blessings- of which every man has many- not on your past misfortunes- of which all men have some."

I haven't even turned the first page and Dickens leaves me with these words to ponder. Reflect upon your present blessings...What a great reminder during this holiday season. Thank God it's no worse...He is in control of all seasons of my life and He's given me all I have, big and small. When was the last time I thanked His for my many blessings? All men have some {misfortune}...What makes me think my situation/experience is so terrible when that friend/neighbor/passerby on the street is experiencing some sort of misfortune as well?  

I think it is human nature to either dwell in the past or long for the future. We miss what we once had and long for what we do not have. But this Christmas Season, why not just be thankful for the blessings we do have? Of which every man has many...

Let's strive to be content jubilant this holiday season, whether there is an abundance of presents under the tree and we are surrounded by family and friends, or if we have fewer gifts this year than last and are far away from those we love. What if we all gave more instead of simply receiving? Who is less fortunate than you that you can reach out to? No matter how bad your situations is, I am sure someone nearby is worse off than you. 

Dickens' advice is timeless and the act of giving, and the humbling joy that it brings, is timeless too. 


Snippets Of My Sunday.

Christmas reading, coffee drinking, candle burning, and puppy cuddling pretty much sum up my Sunday. Also, there are a bunch of boys playing darts at my house but I'm ignoring that fact quite successfully and simply enjoying this lazy day. I hope all of you are having a lovely Sunday as well! 


Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes

First off, I know a lot of you checking out my blog today heard about me through Jenni's blog {isn't she the sweetest?} and I want to say thank you for stopping by. I know if you read her blog then you have great taste! So, I'm happy to have you.  My original plan for today was to finally put mine and Steven's love story to paper {errr, I mean to blog} but due to my work's Christmas party today, some intense cupcake making stole the top spot on my to-do list. You can read more about me here though!


So, what do you think about rich, chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and a reese's peanut butter cup on top? I felt pretty good about it when I read the recipe here and even better when I realized there was even an extra reese's cup inside the delectable creation! And since today is our work Christmas party, I spent all last night making 3 dozen of these heavenly edibles.

Here's what you need:
miniature peanut butter cups
1 box Duncan Hines® Milk Chocolate Premium Brownie Mix {I used Betty Crocker Triple Fudge Chocolate Cake mix instead}
3 large eggs
1/4 c water
1/2 c oil
1/2 c creamy peanut butter
1/4 c butter, softened
2 c powdered sugar, sifted
3 tbsp milk
1/2 tsp pure vanilla
1/8 tsp salt
Preheat oven to 350°F. Place paper baking cups in each of 12 regular-size muffin cups. Remove foil and cups from candy pieces. Set aside. Prepare brownie {cake} mix as described on box to make cakey brownies using the eggs, water and oil. Fill each up about 2/3 full with batter. Place 1 unwrapped candy piece, upside down, on top of batter in each cup. Lightly tap piece down into batter. Bake 23 to 25 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center of cup comes out almost clean. Cool 5 minutes; remove from pan. Place on wire rack; cool completely. Make icing by placing peanut butter and butter into medium bowl. Beat with an electric mixer on medium speed until light and creamy; scrape bowl. Add powdered sugar, milk, vanilla and salt. Beat on low speed 1 minute; scrape bowl. Beat on medium speed until smooth and creamy. Spread about 2 tablespoons of icing on each cupcake leaving the edge un-iced.  Top each cupcake with a peanut butter cup. 

Note: I tripled this recipe, but the above is for 12-14 cupcakes; however, if you like frosting {and trust me, this peanut butter frosting is outrageously delicious} I would double the frosting recipe.

Fingers crossed that my co-workers love these! And thanks again for stopping by! Be sure to check back again soon if you want to read my love story!


Doggy Daycare

Darnit! It is hard being a mommy. {Can't imagine when I have a human baby!} Steven and I decided that it would be beneficial to Huck's health, and my mental state, if we found a doggy daycare for him to go to a couple days a week while we're at work. He is just so hyperactive when I get home, and when I have other things I need to accomplish during the day, he makes it REALLY hard to get anything done. Also, it is a good thing for him to be "doggy socialized." 

Sooo, the research began and I found this great boarding kennel, which also offers doggy day care 7 days a week. They had amazing reviews, and after emailing the manager {yep, I did that} and bombarding her with crazy dog-owner questions, I decided we should give it a try. We dropped him off this morning and I really liked the facility. They have a nice sized "doggy corral" that has plenty of water and bunches of Huckleberry's favorite toys!  And after about 5 hours of play, they take each dog to its own 15x30 kennel where they can relax until it's time to go home. I was happy about this and filled out all the necessary paperwork..and then I felt sad and, I admit, slightly panicked. My poor little baby! What if the other puppies are mean to him? What if he doesn't remember me when I pick him back up? What if he thinks we abandoned him? I hope he isn't scared!!

But then I remembered the conversation Huck and I had about an hour before. It went a little something like this: "Huck, if the other pup's are mean to you--bite them, ok? You need to stand up for yourself." Ears perk up, head tilts--"And Huck, remember that momma loves you and she'll be back to pick you up very soon." Lifts paw to palm, moves closer--"Mommy and daddy love you very, very much, Huckleberry!" Stands up, tail wags, covers face with kisses.

He totally understands every word I say. {I think}

Ah, you think I'm crazy, huh? Well, just look at this face! Who wouldn't be irrationally in love with this guy?
...still feeling like a bad mommy, but I think he'll have fun. And HOPEFULLY, when I pick him up this evening, he'll be one pooped little pup!


One Of The Many ODD Things That Fascinate Me...

is burlap.

I wish I had a good explanation. It's truly all pinterest's fault. It has show me the many AWESOMELY AMAZING things one can do with burlap {and I'm not even very crafty}! 

For example, check out these DIY burlap flowers.
Or this super cute DIY burlap wreath.
And wouldn't it look great if you wrapped the presents under your Christmas tree this year in burlap?

Currently, I do not have any burlap but you just wait! As soon as I get my hands on some expect a tutorial or two. In the meantime, you can find all these pictures {and many with tutorials} on pinterest. 

As for me, I'm buying these burlap TOMS asap!
p.s. You should get your hands on some TOMS too this holiday season! For every pair bought another pair is given to a child in need.  Check it out here.

I hope you all are having an amazing Wednesday! And if you have any other great burlap finds, please, share them with me! I kid you not, I will be creative and make some goodies with burlap. I will, I will, I will!

Ok, I probably won't...


My Gift To You

photo via
I'm giving you this gift because..
1. I am SUPER nice
2. It was free
3. We could all use this reminder from time to time
{including me}

I know I tend to harp on this topic of being grateful/joyful, but the reason is because it is something I deeply struggle with daily. I don't want to say I am an unhappy person, I'm truly not, I love to laugh, smile, and have fun, but when something goes wrong in my life, even the most TINY, minute thing, I immediately go into "My life is terrible!" mode.  

For example, yesterday the Seattle Seahawks were playing at home. No biggie, right? Well, basically the entire sales department where I work was going to this game, sitting in suite seats, and getting beer and wine for FREE! Totally a biggie now. I'm not in the sales department though, I'm a technical writer. I wasn't suppose to be able to go and I was fine with that...until they had a couple extra tickets and asked if I wanted to go. Umm yeah! But wait, baby Huckleberry is at home about to pee his britches because he's been caged up for 8 hours. Going to the game means Huck would be alone, in my freezing cold lake house, holding his outrageously full bladder (because he is such a good potty trained little baby!) for about 14 hours! Not okay. My thought process now is "Why did I get a puppy? Now I have to pass up an amazing experience that I may never get again! Wait, I didn't get the puppy, Steven did! This is all his fault. Steven doesn't love me. I don't ever get to do anything fun" and so on. I kid you not. Really, how dramatic am I? I went on an emotional-life-hating-tailspin all because I needed to be a responsible pet owner and couldn't attend a football game of a team I'm not even a fan of {yet}. 

Trust me, I know how ridiculous this story makes me sound.

Basically, all I'm trying to say is that I allow the little inconveniences of life to greatly disturb me. What's going to happen when tragedy really strikes? I don't even want to think about it...

So, I'm not going to. Instead I am going to make a conscious effort to think more positively each and every day. I like the second positive thought on the left, "Every moment is a profound opportunity." Even moments when I feel like everything is going dangerously wrong {in my mind at least}, that is an opportunity to react differently to the situation than I normally would. To see my glass as half-full, to be grateful for the things I do have, for the people who love me, and for this amazing life I live. Because honestly, it IS amazing. 

"Complain less. Breathe more"
Feels good, doesn't it?

Do any of you have a hard time being positive too? If so, I hope you'll take a positive thought and try to see each day in a new light with me.


Did You Know?...

That my favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast.

I was a cheerleader for 7 years and then I taught gymnastics for 2.

My first job was a dog washer. I actually really enjoyed it.
This will be Huck soon :(
I like to sing my sentences. {Usually in an opera-like voice}

I have read the Bible in its entirety. Twice.
I love to bake and hate to cook.

I have had the same best friend for 16 years.

When Steven and I met we were wearing the same outfit...Ha! It consisted of dress pants, ugly black shoes, a brown apron, and I smile on the face with a cheery voice that said over and over again, "Hi, I'll be serving you today."

And currently, I really love to blog.
{you probably know that though}


Random Thoughts.

I love my mom because she sends me links to websites like this.

My puppy was really wird last night. He got up at 1am. I thought he had to potty so I let him out, but he just laid on the ground {in the bitter cold I might add} for an hour! {ok, not an hour}..and then he came inside and went back to bed. I think he was overheated--I like to keep my lake house cozy {aka scolding hot}.

I got my new camera this week! But I haven't had any time to take pictures yet..

I decided to make these for the Christmas party at work next week. I'll let you know how they turn out.

In 15 days I'll be back in West Virginia. When I get home I'm going to make Steven sit beside me on the floor and go through my old hope chest filled with all my childhood treasures! That will be exciting {for me anyway}.

Also, when I'm home, Steven and I are going to take a 3 hour drive to our college town--where we fell in love {sigh}--to see some good friends.

And that is all. {for now}
I hope you have a super splendid weekend!


Currently Obsessing Over...

This probably has to do with the fact that Steven looks so cute in it.
See this post.

Love the soft browns and pinks.

So, naturally, I am obsessing over flannel and neutrals together.
Not to mention her peek-a-boo heels to complete the look.
All photos via pinterest.

I think it's time for ME to go Christmas shopping for ME. {again} :)

What are your latest fashion obsessions?

p.s. I updated the "This Blog" page. So check it out!


The Woes of Puppy Training

Huckleberry turned 3 months old this weekend! He is getting so big--he actually grew out of his puppy collar this weekend too :( ...my baby is growing up too fast! {Sigh}.

But training a puppy is no easy task! This little guy has me wrapped around his tail {so to speak} and he's quickly forming bad habits that need to be nipped in the butt before they become ingrained in his little puppy brain. 

Bad habit number 1: Nipping. Huck doesn't know how to "play easy." He means no harm, but when he becomes over excited he nips at you--and when those teeth meet skin...OUCH! Puppy teeth are razor sharp! I have tried everything the "doggie experts" suggest, but to no avail. I am quickly becoming his favorite chew toy.

Bad habit number 2: Inappropriate sniffing. My dog will not be a rude crotch sniffer! I hate when people's dogs do that. Who cares if they are saying hello! It is rude and embarrassing. And I apologize to anyone who Huck has violated in such a way. {He is just a pup}

Bad habit number 3: Sleeping on the bed. {Steven if you are reading this..please stop now.} Ok, so Huck is still too small to jump on my bed on his own--so, I admit this might be a bad habit of mine more so than a bad habit of his--but when he cries in his crate at 3am and I'm not ready to get up and play with him, I just put him on the bed and he's out like a light in no time. He is such a sweet cuddly thing and I think he just likes being close. I don't want him to get in the habit of sleeping on my bed all the time though {simply because Steven hates the idea and may refuse to marry me. Ha!} but I love cuddling with that little fur ball. 

But hey, these are pretty normal puppy problems, right? Still...
Cell phone quality picture.

any advice you can give me is much appreciated. {Except on number 3...}

Isn't he getting so BIG?!?


Pretty Presents, Magical Music, and my Lumberjack Man

I had a fantastic Christmas-y weekend! On Saturday I went to a white elephant gift exchange with the future mommy and sis -in-law at church. White elephant gift exchanges are always rather amusing. Some presents were pretty awesome, others were outrageously cheesy--but I think everyone had a great time. 

Later that evening, I went to a Christmas {kinda} concert. My {kinda} boss is in a band called Erwilian. And let me just say, they are absolutely AMAZING! Like, fo' real--AMAZING. I had heard bits and pieces of their music before, but hearing it live was a totally new experience. I was blown away by the talent. I would classify them as an acoustic folk bank, but they put a contemporary twist on all their compositions, making it completely original and vastly different from any other sound I've ever heard before. Again, it was AMAZING. You can check out their website here if you're interested. Or, check them out of iTunes!
Also, this weekend my stud muffin man split all the wood we had recently purchased so I'd have a nice, cozy winter. He is such a hard worker! {and he looked really rugged and handsome while doing it} I appreciate him so, so much!

Hope you folks had a lovely weekend also! :)


Espresso Chocolate Chip Bread

Happy Friday, friends! Aren't you glad the weekends almost here? That means long bubble baths, working on my novel, and playing with my pup! (Hope you have a more exciting weekend planned than me! :P) 

Anyways, I have a very yummy recipe I'd like to share with you. It contains 2 of my most favorite things in this world--coffee and chocolate! Yum! This is what you'll need.

Yes, I opened my brown sugar bag upside down. Oops.
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, melted
  • 1/4 cup whole milk
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon instant espresso powder
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup (6 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips
*The original recipe also calls for 1 1/2 cups mashed bananas (very ripe), I had to forego them though because Steven hates bananas. The recipe was still very yummy without them though!

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour one 9×5 inch loaf pan.
  2. In a medium bowl, stir together the bananas, sugars, butter, milk, and egg; set aside.
  3. In another medium bowl, whisk together the flour, instant espresso powder, baking soda and salt. Add to the wet mixture. Stir in the chocolate chips.
  4. Transfer batter into prepared loaf pan. Bake in preheated oven for 45minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the loaf comes out clean. Let cool for 10 minutes.
  5. Then you eat it...duh.

Great in the morning with a cup of coffee (Umm what goes better with coffee bread other than more coffee?) or after din din to satisfy my sweet tooth! I hope you enjoy it as well!


Real Life Conversation

Me: Steven, if there is ever a zombie invasion will you build an underground shelter for Huck and I?
Steven: Not an underground one, but one up really high, yeah.
Me: Why?
Steven: Because zombies can't climb. They don't have the motor skills.
Me: And you'd make sure we had warmth and food?
Steven: Yeah, and you'll need a farmer's almanac.

Yep. He's obviously thought about this before. That's not weird or anything.


5 Reasons Why I'm Excited To Go Home For Christmas

Guess what? Thursday is December 1st!! Crazy, huh? This month has flown by and now it's time to start my finger and toe countdown till Christmas! 
(and ears and nose and teeth and belly button, because there are still too many days and not enough phalanges) 

But I digress...
I'll be flying from Seattle to DC with my main squeeze on Christmas Eve to spend some time with mommy and daddy dearest for the holidays! (Mark your calendars you east coast folks!) There are many reasons why I'm excited to be going home, other than the fact that I haven't seen my parents since JULY! What the Eff, you say? I know! My thoughts exactly.

But I narrowed my list from 1,639 things I'm excited about to just 5 for you lovely readers.  

1. Shopping.
A) it's Christmas and
B) you know my mom is going to buy me goodies because she's missed me so. Plus, there really isn't a better mommy/daughter bonding activity. Try to think of one...you couldn't, could ya?

2. Sugary Cereal.
I Love, Love, LOVE kiddy cereal. Cookie Crisp, Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms-- you name it! YUM. But I never buy it for myself because it's just not worth the money, not to mention I have a weird cereal complex that makes it impossible for me not to finish the box in one setting. First, I pour the cereal, then I add the milk, then there is too much milk and not enough cereal, I add more cereal, eat for a while, realize that I need more milk, pour more milk, continue eating, then I need more cereal! It really never ends until the box is completely empty. 

3. Scrapbooks.
I HATE scrapbooking, but my mom is the world's greatest scrapbooker. I love going home and taking all the scrapbooks she's done off the bookshelf and browsing the pages of my youth. Sigh. I've seen them a million times but they never become old to me. Mommy is just so darn creative with those scrapbooks it's silly! (I'll post some pics of her work when I get there. You'll love 'em and want her to make you one.) I always feel motivated to scrapbook after I view her creations, but I know better. I've attempted it in the past. I feel anxious when I scrapbook. Like if you are sitting near me I might punch you in the face anxious. I'm not sure why.

4. Cracker Barrel.
I just really want to eat at a Cracker Barrel. We don't have them on the west coast and it's a shame.

5. Harry Potter.
The Harry Potter movies are fantastic! Yeah, i just said that. I really don't understand why some people think they are wicked. And although I've seen all of them, mom and I haven't seen the latest one together, and well, we have to watch it together. It's kinda a tradition. 

Welp, that's my lame-o list. I think I'm pretty easy to please.