Friday Letters

Dear Husband - I can't wait till busy season is over at work. I miss our evening cuddle sessions and Breaking Bad marathons. And I was truly at a loss last night when I found that spider and you weren't there to kill it. Thankfully, we own a vacuum cleaner now and I was able to suck that creepy critter right up :) Dear Mouse - I heard you last night. You just wait, when little Herschel gets a bit bigger he's going to find you, kill you, and leave your innards on my front porch (because that's just what cats like to do). Soon enough, mouse. Soon enough. Dear Washington - When I woke up to a cool, crisp fall morning with purple skies and brown and orange leaves I was in awe. So beautiful! I can live with this. Keep it up. Dear Home - Since Steven will be working all weekend, I plan on shopping getting some projects done around the home. Prepare yourself. My craftiness may emerge. Dear Blog Friends - Don't forget to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway here


Shabby Apple Giveaway

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Good luck!! 

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Front Yard Update

The boys worked hard all day Saturday to finish the fence in our front yard. I think it's lovely and am thrilled! {It even smells nice} Steven even went ahead and put the 16 foot farm gate in place and added a cute little door to the left of it {see the "Z" pattern in the second to last photo on the back of the fence? That's the door}. I am a happy wife and fur mama! 

More upcoming outside projects include:
- staining the fence
- paint the garage
- trench the cable line from the house to the garage
- weed, weed, weed the garden!
- chicken coop maintenance
- tear down the tree house

Hopefully, we will be able to knock a few more of these projects out before the cold weather sets in!

What homeowner projects are on your list this fall?? 


Backyard Update

We now have a completely fenced in yard. It is such a good feeling! I can let Huck outside and not have to worry about him stealing the neighbors shoes {he totally did that this weekend}, eating out of the neighbors vegetable garden {where do you think this corn came from?}, and, most importantly, going into the neighbors house to eat their dog's food, which gives him extreme gas. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Huck trots right through their doggie door and helps himself to dinner. Embarrassing. They probably think we don't feed our dog. 

Anyways, for the backyard we put up a simple wire fence and in the front yard we put up a perfectly pretty cedar fence. I'm just going to show the back yard today so you aren't overwhelmed with my photo dump.

We had to bring in the heavy equipment to uproot the trees and debris and found these little treasures buried around the property. That baby doll has lived a hard life. And unfortunately, there was no money in that coffee can.
Ahhh, to be productive. What a good feeling! And having such a wonderful husband who works so hard all week and then spends his weekend working around the home!!! Huck and I are very grateful for that man. I think I'll keep him.


Snippets From My Weekend

An old fashioned coke from the Mr. and some pretty flowers for the windowsill. 
A birthday party for the cutest 5 year old I've ever met.
 Some fence building. My husband and his friend Dave are awesome for giving up their weekend to knock this thing out! Love them both!
Huck found some corn on the cob. He thought it was rare treasure. And then he ate it.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!


Friday Letters

Stevie says he doesn't like the kitty, but I know better.

Dear Husband - You have been working so hard lately and I am so proud of you! Your diligence and work ethic put me to shame. My 8 hour work days are enough to make me cranky and pout, but you put in 10+ and have such a great attitude! I really could learn a lesson or two from you daily. Dear Huckleberry and Herschel - Lately, you two have not been playing very nice and it's starting to stress me out! Let's practice kindness, patience, and love, shall we? And Huck, you are getting a bath this weekend. Dear Mom and Dad - Just a little over 7 weeks until you'll be in Washington visiting meeeee!!!! YAY!!!! I can't wait to show you my new home and have you meet Huckleberry! I better get to planning some exciting excursions :) 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, lovelies! 


Yeah. That Happened.

Sometimes I think my boss forgets I'm sitting in the office with him. For instance, when he's on the phone and says "when I get my new iphone I'm going to take a panoramic picture of my penis and send it to you," I'm assuming he forgot I was sitting right there. Like 6 feet away from him. I should probably mention he was kidding {I think} and tends to be quite the jokester. Still...

Yeah, that happened.

I am not a good morning person. As a matter of fact, I am the worst morning person ever. Example: When Huckleberry got the snip snip in the business area, the doctor informed me that he also had a staph infection and would need to be on antibiotics. I was supposed to administer this antibiotic twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Simple.  Unfortunately, I also take a multivitamin in the morning. While in my usual pre-coffee stupor, I accidentally took one of Huck's pills instead of my own. I panicked and called my mom {because that's what one does when they think they're going to die. Call their mom who lives 3,000 miles away.} Turns out, neither Huck nor myself has a staph infection. But yeah.

That happened.

At church a few Sunday's ago this really cute, old Asian man sat down beside me. I should tell you that I have this odd affinity towards geriatrics. They are cute. And sometimes, if they are especially old and especially cute, I cry. So when this old man sat beside me in church, I started sobbing. Poor Steven. When he asked why I was crying my response was, "this old, Asian man {sharp, choking breath} is just so cute." I kid you not. 

That happened.

Text messages between the husband and myself while at work always seem to result in confusion on his part...
                                    Steven: Okay, awesome! When does that need to happen?
                                    Danielle: Well you can't but the phone I'm store until 21st. So i dunno.
                                    Steven: I don't know what the hell you just said.

I promise I wasn't under the influence. It's just that...

yeah, that happened.

And so did this...
                                   Danielle: Man. I'm bored.
                                   Steven: Really? I'm slammed.
                                   Danielle: I'm Danielle. Bahahaha!
                                   Steven: Oh gosh.

God bless that man for putting up with me.

And lastly,
Yeah, that happened.


Homemade Meatballs

Really, nothing beats a warm, hearty meal on a chilly Fall day. Steven and I really enjoyed these meatballs. They were so simple and tasty! You can use them to create a meatball sub like we did, or enjoy them on some spaghetti, or even by themselves! They are that good.

1 pound hamburger, grass-fed if possible
2 eggs, beaten with 1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup grated Parmesan
1 cup panko or bread crumbs
1 small onion, minced or grated (1/2 a large onion)
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon salt
freshly ground pepper to taste
1/4 cup minced fresh flat-leaf parsley or basil

Mix all the ingredients together by hand. Shape into golfball sized meatballs. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Drizzle warm tomato sauce on top of cooked meatballs and extra parmesan cheese if so desired.

 Happy Wednesday, friends!


White on White on White

Yesterday you saw a glimpse of our living room with the new furniture. I am so excited that we have somewhere to sit {it's been four months without} but now that we have butt rests, I feel like it's time to start moving forward with decorating the rest of the room. 
As you can see, Huck and Herschel are thrilled about the new couches...
We have dark floors, dark ceilings, and a dark fireplace. So I like all the white. I've always been a white on white kind of person --sticking to muted colors if there is color at all. But right now, the living room is simply a random assortment of cheap, yet essential, finds with no personality. 
I know, I know, the two critters on the floor sure do add to the overall warm and cozy feel of the place, but I need some decor people.

Here is some of my pinspiration thus far.
I like white {duh}, clean lines, symmetry, with feminine, rustic details.

Future plans for the living room:
-Paint the fireplace mantel white {shocker}
-Paint and distress the TV stand {not sure on the color yet, but the TV stand was a yard sale find by my mother-in-law, so it's in need of a little TLC} ..the accent color in my kitchen is pale blue..
- Purchase coffee table and end tables
- Hang photo collage over the couch 

Although I have all these ideas, it's hard for me to commit. I have severe interior design phobia. I'm pretty certain any renovation I attempt will be horrible; therefore, keeping me from renovating at all --or even buying a picture frame for that matter...

It's an issue I'm working on.

So what do you think?? Any ideas come to mind for my space above based off of my Pinterest finds? I'd love to hear them!

On a different note, today's the last dat to enter the giveaway I'm participating in! Go to Ashley's blog for your chance to win 2 bags of Seattle's Best Coffee plus more great prizes! :)


New Additions.

I have something exciting to share with you. Are you folks ready to freak out with me? 
Prepare yourselves for high pitched, head splitting screams...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

A KitchenAid mixer now resides on my countertop!!
see it? see it? see it?
do ya? do ya? do ya?

Okay, I'm being obnoxious.
Oh, hey buddy.

But, seriously!
I cannot wait to get cooking with this thing.
I've heard a KitchenAid makes you instantly domestic.
{Pretty sure that's why the hubs got it for me}

Moving on...

Steven and I now also own living room furniture.

So now we can say to our company the simple phrase,
"Would you like to take a seat?"
And that, folks, makes today a very exciting day.

Hope you had a great weekend!
Any new, exciting addition to your life??


Friday Letters

FYI, I know how to ride a bike.

Dear Comcast - Thank God we finally got a hold of one of your technical guys to come out to our house and run the cable line underground this weekend. Honestly, I don't like you one bit. Haven't ever since I started paying for your services 6 years ago (wow, has it really been that long since I started college!!). I won't be surprised if Steven and I wait around wasting our Saturday and you never show...wouldn't be surprised at all. I'm just glad someone answered the phone. Dear Fall - Obviously, I am stoked you are here. Just thought I'd mention it again. Dear Bachelor - I may have nominated one of my friends to be on your show because I  may have heard that Sean Lowe is going to be the next Bachelor and because I may be completely obsessed with him. Maybe.

I hope you all have wonderful weekend adventures planned! See you on Monday!



Fallin' Hard

1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 -- 6
Apple cider, crisp air, beautiful colors, the smell of pumpkin -- there is something so magical about this time of year. I've caught the fall bug. This bug consists of the desire to wake up slowly with a hot cup of joe in your hand and your favorite fall scent candle burning in the kitchen, while you stare out your window and watch the colors slowly change. This bug may last quite sometime, so prepare yourself to use up all those sick days you've been holding on to. It'll be worth it.

Happy Thursday, Friends!


I Think I Own the World's Cutest Kitten.

See? I included photo evidence. Herschel is cute! But such a stinker. 
My cat is way more misbehaved than my one year old pup. I thought cats were supposed to be easy? Give them a litter box, a soft bed, and some kibble and they quickly fall into their anti-social ways. 
Never to be seen again. 
You only know they're still alive by the squirrel, mouse, and other small rodent innards they leave on your doorstep.  
Nope, Herschel is for sure the spawn of Satan, always watching and waiting to attack.  
Disguised as a miniature fluff ball.
Speaking of miniature...when do kittens reach their full adult size? 
I swear Herschel hasn't grown an inch since we got him.

As for Huckleberry, you all already know he is the world's cutest pup. 
Hands down. I win. 
And he always smiles for the camera. Double win.
I also own the world's cutest human being. Who likes to take terrible pictures of the two of us. 
I own him.
{Just in case you didn't get that.}

*Also, just a small side note, I had to get the good ole' handy, dandy computer dictionary up to see how to spell the word squirrel. How I ever got my English degree is beyond me.  


Life Lately

Lately, everyone I know is pregnant and I get asked a lot, "when are you and Steven going to have a baby? OH. EM. GEE. It is going to be like so freakin' cute."  To which I kindly reply that I don't know, yet the mental image playing in my head is of me punching you in the face.  What's so wrong about having a child a few years after your married? Don't get me wrong, if you got married and wanted to start a family right away that's your prerogative, but Steven and I want to wait a year or two. And frankly, I don't think that makes us terrible villains. So lay off it, will ya? Wow. I should clarify that as a matter of fact, I don't hate children.  Nor is this directed at any of you reading this blog. I can gratefully say that not one of my blog readers has asked me this. Because, obviously, you get it. And you love me.

Lately, I have been Pinterest lusting over everything pumpkin. Pumpkin flavor, pumpkin smelling, pumpkin fall decor. I want to buy some canned pumpkin, candle pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and just a plain gosh darn pumpkin. 

Lately, I've been falling asleep every night while reading. Just like I use to do in college. I love that. Such a relaxing way to end my days. 

Lately, I've been itching to get our front yard fenced in. Steven fenced in the backyard a few weeks ago, so now we're 3/4 of the way to having a completely fenced in yard. Soon Huck will be running free (and safely) around unsupervised, and my life will be just a bit more simple.

Lately, I haven't been pumped about football season at all. Actually, I'm kind of dreading the guys coming over every Sunday, all day, to watch the games like last season. Marrying a football fanatic will take the fanatic right out of you, I suppose. 

Lately, I love the smell of the oncoming, crisp Autumn air. It actually smells like Fall. Is that even possible?? Or is this all in my head?

What's been going on in your life lately?? I'd love to hear about it! Happy Tuesday, friends!


One Last Wedding Post

I promise. This is the last wedding post! A few people asked for the story behind this picture posted on last week's Friday Letters series. So, since I aim to please, I'm going to tell you the story. Which really isn't much of a story at all.
 If you read my other posts about my wedding (click here to view them!), you'd know that Steven and I got married at my uncle's lake house in upstate New York. He has a beautiful property right on Lake Ontario that has a swallow, flat rock bottom. When all our wedding "duties" were completed, we decided to get in the lake to try to capture some once in a lifetime photos. In my wedding dress. And his linen suit. Yep, we did that. And I am so happy we did!

My photographer was such a trooper and slipped on some water shoes and followed along right behind us! Really, how amazing is she??!
Why not hop in a smelly lake on your wedding day? After all, you do only get to wear the dress once. Might as well live a little while you're in it.