Eleanor | 2 Months Old

A little more punctual this month with little Eleanor's update, but hopefully I'll do even better next month. This little girl is growing so quickly it's hard to remember everything! She has the sweetest, most content disposition and brings so much joy to me, Steven, and even Jack!
 2 month old Ellie likes...
the ergo wrap
lamaze peacock
her binky
lots and lots of blankets
silly faces and noises
her mom and big brother
2 month old Ellie dislikes...
tummy time
bath time
loud noises
Health: At her last appointment Eleanor weighed 11lbs 1oz and was 23 1/2in long. She is super long and grew an inch and a half this past month! She is still in size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes although sleepers or anything with feet are starting to become too short for her.

Nursing: Not much of a difference this month with her feeding schedule. She is a great nurser and usually eats every 3 hours during the day with only 1 night waking to feed. The problem with her eating is the gas. It can be hours after she eats, and even though I've burped her numerous times, she still squirms in discomfort due to the need to burp. Sometimes at night I can tell she is so uncomfortable that I pick her up and burp her even though she's not awake or fussing.. just a lot of squirming and grunts. We aren't sure if it's her lip tie, something in my diet, or just her still immature digestive system. Hoping she grows out of it quickly and the lip tie doesn't need to be snipped.

Sleeping: Still a great sleeper! Most nights Ellie is asleep between 7-8 and sleeps a 6 or 7 hour stretch, waking at about 2am to nurse. After that we go back to bed until Jack wakes us up around 6:30 or 7. If she has more than that 1 night waking it's because of gas and I burp her but don't nurse her again. She was starting her nights sleeping in her rock and play and then I'd move her into bed with me to sleep after her nightly feeding, but now I usually just let her spend the entire night in my bed. I love co-sleeping with my babies!

Naps are pretty much a disaster. Not because I think she's necessarily a bad napper, but because she really needs it to be quiet to enter into that deep sleep. Jack storming around the house startles her awake time and time again...even if I put her in a separate room from us. A lot of days I put her in the ergo wrap when Jack and I go outside to play and she sleeps a good hour or two in there. Usually takes at least 2 other short 45 minute or so catnaps during the day.  
New this Month: Eleanor has so many cute expressions! She is such a happy girl and smiles and coos at everyone.. especially her mommy and big brother! She follows Jack with her eyes all day simply mesmerized by everything he does. She is not a fan of tummy time but is very good at it. She not only pushes up onto her elbows but can completely straighten our her arms while pushing up..but she doesn't tolerate it for long. This girl loves lots and lots of cuddles and never wants to be put down if we can help it. She also loves to be wrapped up head to toe in blankets. I pull her soft, muslin blankets all the way up to her cheeks and her eyes instantly start closing and she drifts off. It's not uncommon for me to catch her snoozing with her hand gripping her blanket up to her face. It's seriously the sweetest thing! Not only has she been gripping objects with those hands, but she also has discovered that they are loads of fun to stick in her mouth and so the slobbery fist sucking has begun ;)
Happy 2 months sweet, beautiful girl! 
You bring us all so much joy!