The Best Moment.

The best moment is when he lays his head in my lap and says you're pretty. I love you.
because you are amazing.

.and that's the man I'm going to marry.

Pinterest Party

This past Saturday was my first ever Pinterest party. And, I believe, it was truly a hit. A few of you asked me what exactly IS a Pinterest party. Basically, I decided that me and a few "pinner friends" I religiously follow should get together to create some of those recipes we are constantly drooling over but haven't had a chance {or a reason} to try out yet. Since we all met up at my place, I made the main dish, another girl brought two yummy appetizers she's pinned, another brought a few side dishes, and the last brought amazing mixed drinks. There was SOOO MUCH FOOD! And it was all delicious.

The menu consisted of
crockpot fajitas
avocado pastry puffs
{this photo via}
cheese and bean dip
guacamole filled with cilantro (uhhh, loved it!)
a biscotto, 7up, raspberry and lime mixed drink
 and to top it off, cinnamon peanut butter cookies
(recipe to come later this week)

It was a night filled with yummy food and great conversation! I feel so lucky to have such amazing girlfriends here in Washington that are just as Pinterest crazed as myself!

Hope you're weekend was full of fun as well! Happy Monday, friends!


Friday Letters

Dear GPS - I did not appreciate you sending me on a wild goose chase to find FedEx. AND, once I did find the blasted place (no thanks to you), they said they couldn't print my wedding invitations! I blame this whole unfortunate incident on you. Dear Saturday Night - You and I, along with a few fellow pinterest obsessed girls, are going to indulge in a pinterest party. It will be epic! Just saying... Dear Huckleberry - I'm sorry your friend Amigo will be moving away soon. But maybe now, we can convince your father that it's time you get your a furry companion --a little brother, perhaps? Dear Wedding Plans - Other than the invitation fiasco yesterday, you have been relatively easy to manage as of late. And that it awesome.

I hope each of you have a fantastic weekend!


Kelsey Lynne Photography.

Our photographer who recently took mine and Steven's engagement photos (seen here and here...oh, and here) blogged about her session with us! You all should go check it out, because a) Kelsey is super sweet and that aspect of her personality shines through in her writing and b) because there are a lot of pretty pictures there!!! Duh.

So go to her Blog and while you're there browse some of the other amazing work she has done.

Go on now. Shoo. 



Huckleberry's new favorite destructive activity has been to dig up the potted plants my landlord has on the back deck. She has A LOT of potted plants, and keeping Huck away from them has taken up the majority of my days lately. He knows he is not suppose to dig in the pots, so when I went outside to check on him and saw these images below, of course, he knew a "Bad dog! You leave it!" and swat on the nose would ensue.
When Huck heard me approach, he quickly turned his back towards me. He was sitting on the end of the deck, facing the water. I said his name...he ignored me...I said his name again...he was as still as a statue. I walked towards him and tried to get him to face me...nope, he kept turning his body so I couldn't see his face!...Finally, I clasped his collar to get him to stop avoiding me, he slowly turns his face towards mine and this is what I see.
SO GUILTY! Of course, I had to snap a picture. Needless to say, the puppy face still holds it's power over me (I mean just look at that!). There was no "bad dog" or swat on the nose.  

My dog has me whipped.


Because Sometimes Happiness Is Found Within A Not-So-Happy Ending

Dear Edgar Allen Poe, although I am usually not a fan of any American author/poet, you have pleasantly surprised me. I enjoy your dark humor and irony, but, more so, I enjoy that I have yet to read a poem or tale with a happy ending.

In a strange, morbid way, I find that refreshing.

But just in case I do become afraid while turning through your pages that are brimming with psychological intensity and depth, I made sure to use the book mark my mother gave me.
Because it too brings me much amusement.

Lunch break is over, time to put you away and resume editing and formatting boring black text that truly does not do a thing for my soul. 

p.s. You'd be mortified if you had to read what I do everyday. 


Weekend Recap.

This weekend it was sunny.
Like there was not a single cloud in the sky sunny!
Yes, I still live in Seattle.
Good weather means good food coupled with good friends.
We grilled out thrice.
Yep, thrice.
We also went out to eat twice.
Twice. In one weekend. Because we're on a diet.

Welcome to Gloria's! Another hole-in-the-wall diner (we tend to frequent those) with amazing breakfast and ridiculous portions.
 Steven's egg benedict.
 Veggie omelete. Let's get a closer look at this big boy.
I can't say it enough, ridiculous.

This weekend we also started on our wedding invitations and purchased our wedding bands!
I cannot wait until I can wear mine. 
So. Stinkin'. Perfect. 
I love it.

Happy Monday, stalkers!


Friday Letters

Dear Huckleberry - I am so glad today was the last day of your antibiotic. Now (hopefully) I no longer will wake up at 2am to the smell of your stink and frantically search the bedroom floor for your feces. I swear, you and antibiotics DO NOT mix well. One should never mistake farts for poo.. (was that too disgusting for so early in the morning? My apologies)

Dear One Tree Hill - Your absence in my life is depressing. I grew up with you. Now, it's as if an era has ended...a piece of my childhood GONE!

Dear Steven - I love that you asked me out on a date with you this morning. I hope you never stop taking me on dates.

Dear Readers who are Obsessed with their fur babies as much as I am with mine - I love the comments and emails you leave me about your pups. It feels nice knowing there are other crazy, obsessive dog lovers in this world.

Dear Bible Study - I am really glad I joined you. I never knew how much I was starving for God's Word until you encouraged me to dive head first in once again. Thanks..


My Photographer Rocks!

As evidenced in these photos.
Such fun photos! Love the candidness of the last one!

Kelsey Lynn Photography


That's Amigo. Huck's best friend.
Well, in the canine world anyway.
The best part about having a friendly doggie neighbor is that you simply open the door, let your pooch out to play, and then call them back in when they're winded. Thus fulfilling your responsible dog owner duties of daily exercising your pup. 

A tired dog is a good dog.
And a good dog makes happy dog owners.
And happy dog owners are kind do their fianc├ęs.
And productive around the house.
It's a win-win, folks.

Happy Thursday! It's almost Friday...
I think I can, I think I can.


"Writing is both mask and unveiling." -E.B. White

One of my biggest regrets in life took place my junior year in high school...

Allow me to set the scene. I'm 16 years old and my very first real boyfriend has just dumped me. I emphasize the word real because public school kids have "boyfriends" or "girlfriends" as early on as kindergarten. It's just something you do; albeit, you never talk to them, touch them or make direct eye contact, but they belong to you. And the WHOLE school district knows it. The joys of growing up in a small town...

But I digress...

I'm 16 years old and my boyfriend has just dumped me. The pain is fresh and all consuming. I have yet to greet the age in which I possess the ability to put on a brave face and smile despite the pain --something one usually does not perfect until they are an adult. Adults are experts at producing the fake smile, the polite nod, the casual shoulder shrug that convinces others they are not broken, numb, clinging to the edge of themselves weak and uncertain how much longer they can hold on. No, my pain was worn on my sleeve. I cried openly, refused to eat, and indulged my sufferings with gloomy tunes and not so happily-ever-after romances. I feed the pain. In some way it made me feel more alive, as if until that very moment I had yet to live. 

During this time, I wrote a lot. 

As long as I can remember I've kept two journals. A personal diary and a writer's journal. In the first I wrote daily, detailed accounts chronicling the events in my life. Dear Diary, today was the school pep rally. I was allowed to wear my cheerleading uniform to class. I wish I could wear it everyday. It makes me feel pretty and popular. You know, stuff like that. In the second one, I wrote fiction.  In that notebook my best friends came to life. To you they'd be imperfectly developed characters, but I knew better, ever then, I knew they were bits and pieces of my soul. Taking on new life in the form of narrative.

In this season of my life, the characters that filled the page were lonely, sad, angry, and tormented. They understood me, so I clung desperately to each of them.

Let's fast forward a few months. As with most high school heartaches, mine soon passed. I no longer felt sad. Life had returned to normal. One day, in the dead of winter, I picked up my diary and thumbed through a few of the entries detailing the breakup aftermath. My face flushed with embarrassment. I felt ashamed of my emotions, thoughts and candid writing during that time. I quickly pulled my writing journal out from between the mattress and box springs and thumped through those pages as well. I no longer recognized the characters, who just a few months earlier, where my greatest comfort. Now, they seemed so unlike me, so sad. In that moment, I was ashamed of each and everyone of them. Ashamed of the words on the page that I had penned. Ashamed of myself. My only concern was that some how I needed to destroy the evidence that those emotion, words, and characters ever existed. I quickly ran downstairs towards the wood burning stove with the two journals in my hand. I paused for only a second --one thoughtless second-- and then opened the furnace door and threw both of the journals into the blazing fire. I sat there for probably less than a minute and watched the pages bend, crackle, burn, and quickly turn into ash. I closed the door and went back to my room without a single glance behind me. 

I wish I still had those journals. Those pieces of my soul. Proof that the emotion was felt, that the moment was lived, and that I flourished in spite of it, or maybe, because of it.


This Is How I Diet.

Steven and I have decided to live a overall healthier lifestyle. This means daily walks around the lake and eating healthier foods and smaller portions. 

With that said, Sunday after our engagement shoot we went to a hole-in-the-wall diner. You know, the kind of place where the food is greasy, fried and delicious. (The best kind of place if you ask me.) The restaurant was called the Silver Spoon Cafe and the food was A.MAZE.ING. Albeit, not in the perimeters of our diet. 
You think that the amount of butter and syrup on that waffle is unnecessary? Well, you're wrong. It was totally necessary...and currently residing on my thighs.
Our "healthier lifestyle" may not be off to the best start...

But do not fret, my lovelies. Those pictures above, along with my well known love of carbohydrates, is exactly why I bought a wedding dress a little too big. Room to grow into...room to grow into. Yep.


Engagement Photo Session: Sneak Peek

This weekend Steven and I met with our cute, bubbly photographer, Kelsey Blome, for our engagement session photo shoot. We went to Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, WA and I was absolutely thrilled with the location --beautiful rose gardens, ducks ponds, numerous wooded settings, and just a few steps from the Puget Sound! Needless to say, our photos have a lot of variety and I couldn't be happier! The best part about the day was definitely Kelsey though. She was hilarious and kept Steven and I laughing the entire time! We spent about two hours taking photos but when we were heading back towards our car, I felt like it had only been 20 minutes and didn't want the day to end. Here are a few photos from the session. I can't wait to share more with you!
Make sure to check out Kelsey's blog and Facebook page!


Friday Letters

Dear Wardrobe - I love you but it is time we turn ourselves in to true Washingtonians (?) We must add more rain boots, rain coats, and other waterproof gear to accomplish this transition. All these short dresses and open toed shoes are making me cold.

Dear Wedding Planning - Who would have thought you'd be so full of surprises. Stop it.

Dear Bevita - I am so glad you are now officially following my blog :) I saw your little profile photo today and thought it was cute. You're a good friend. I love you!

Dear Break Room Coffee - Why are you so gross? Like seriously, I didn't know it was possible for the nectar of life to taste so! What am I doing wrong here...I have a college degree, I should be able to brew a cup of coffee.

Dear Mom and Dad - Thank you for supporting me. You both have been so amazing this past year (well, and the other 22 years before this). I couldn't have been blessed with better parents and I am so thankful for each of you.

Dear Steven - Playing darts is dumb. But you are still cute ;)


Instagram Hates Me

I don't have an iPhone. I know, I'm pathetic. But I'm 23 and still on mom and pops cell phone plan --I'm not going to say anything until they say anything. You know what I mean?
Holla at me if you're over 21 and your parents still pay your cell phone bill!
I know, again, I'm pathetic.

And even though Instagram is now available to android phone users, I simply cannot figure it out. It keeps saying it's incompatible with my phone! WHYYYY?????
So, what in the world do I do with all my cell phone pictures? Like this itty, bitty baybay frog I found.
He wanted some blog action too.
And I know it's imperative that all my followers know about the unfortunate event that resulted in this scar.
I was walking to my car. I really wish I had a better story than that one...
Or this photo of my manly 5 year old haircut.
All very, very important photographs that are stuck on my phone with no hope of getting to Instagram. 
So sad.

Does anyone know why my Android phone isn't compatible with Instagram??? 


Love, Huck (part 2)

Hey Grandma! It's your grand pup Huck again.
I ask mom everyday when you're coming to visit. She keeps saying in June.
I'm not sure what June is, but I think it has to do with hotdogs.
Apparently, when you come to visit I'll have a new dog house.
A much larger one with a big fenced in yard! Mom says there's lots of room for me to run around.
At first, I was kinda sad, but then mom told me all my toys are coming with me and that made my tail wag so hard my butt wiggled. So I chased my tail to try to make it stop. It's embarrassing when my butt wiggles...
Hopefully when you get here we'll have a few pretty days with sunshine. Just like my mommy, I love to sunbathe!
Maybe we can soak up some rays together!
I've recently made a new friend. His names Amigo. He likes to poop in my yard and I like to poop in his.
It's a mutual understanding.
He runs really fast and sometimes knocks me over even though he's only about 15 lbs.
I don't mind though. I like having a furry friend.
Also, Amigo usually leaves his toys outside and when he's not around I get to play with them.
Like Mr. Turtle here.
I love Mr. Turtle.
And mommy.
And hotdogs.

Love, Huck


Home Owners.

It's official. Steven and I are homeowners. All that's left to complete is some closing paperwork. And then we get the keys. Oh, and then you will get some photos --no worries :)
The closing date is May 14th. Which happens to be Steven's 25th birthday!
How perfect is that?!

I'm feeling very blessed today and excited about my future with this man!
Hope you have a lovely Tuesday, friends =)


The Cone of Shame

Huck is a happy, healthy pup; albeit, a little lighter. 
Watching the pain killers and anesthesia wear off the first night provided hours of amusement.
And his face while wearing the cone of shame is priceless.
Unfortunately, he does have to wear it quite often since he likes to lick his...well, you know. 
The worst part about the whole experience is that when wearing the cone of shame he has trouble reaching is ball.
He usually just gets frustrated and gives up.
And that makes me sad for him.
Poor baby.
But he is still one extremely jolly pup.
And now I am a responsible pup owner.
Go me.

Hope everyone had a very happy Easter!


Friday Letters

Dear Huckleberry - I teared up when I dropped you off at the vet today. I'm so sorry we have to get you fixed. Dad and I just can't afford to pay puppy support right now. I was sad though and kept thinking about how cute you are when you sleep on your back with one leg straight up in the air. I promise I will try my hardest not to take tooo many pictures of you this evening wearing the cone of shame.

Dear proposal - Words cannot express how happy I am that you are complete! But you taught me a lot --like sleep is probably my number 3 favorite thing and the Oxford comma really does make so much sense.

Dear Nordstrom Rack - I don't like you. There! I said it! You are so disorganized. Every time I walk in I can't concentrate on shopping because I'm too busy putting all the misplaced clothes on the right racks. Smalls go on the SMALL rack - Mediums on MEDUIM - Jeans and Designer Sweaters SHOULD NOT be group together underneath a sign that says Active Wear. Seriously, it's exhausting.

Dear Redbox - Why don't you carry the third Twilight movie. The fiance is actually willing to watch it with me and you don't have it within a 30 mi radius. How rude.

Dear Weekend - So, so glad you're here.


Help! Bridesmaids Dresses

So, the realization hit me that I'm getting married in November.
Not July,
or August
but November.

Seattle, you are cold in November.
(and all year round)

I originally wanted my bridesmaid to wear mismatched neutral dresses, hoping they'd each pick something out individually that they really loved and could potentially wear again because let's face it, when us brides pick out the bridesmaids dresses ourself and say "Oh, for sure, like they can TOTALLY re-wear this," they really won't re-wear it will they?...because more than likely it's an ugly dress. 

(Yes, the truth oftentimes stings.)

Anyways, after looking at semi-cute bridesmaid dresses I gave up. I just want them to wear something they like. Easy peasy. I decided on choosing a neutral color palette and letting them choose color, style, fit, price range, etc. that best suits them. Something similar to these pinterest finds.
Ahh, and then I remembered --November is cold.
and some of my ladies may prefer to wear long dresses that are a) warmer and b) don't show off their blindingly white November legs. Maybe something like this.
So what do you think? I feel like other than the color palette, the bridesmaids need to also have the same length dresses. They can still be mismatched --but similarities in length and color coordination are important, right? or no? 

(Wait say that again? Oh yes, I should probably ask my bridesmaids myself. You're so smart. I'll go do that right now.)

**UPDATE: If you're stopping by from Pinterest and would like to see the bridesmaid dresses I decided on, go here!


Spring Peek-a-Boo

All weekend through yesterday evening my hands were tied up at work. Sorry for the lack of blog posts. But  it is necessary to live life in order to narrate it. Due to the extra hours spent at work to complete this proposal, the boss man said I could take the day off. I didn't argue. Obviously.

And what a beautiful day it is to be at home and not at the office! No, there is no sunshine, but there also is NO rain. Which makes today a B+ in my book. It's funny how my definition of a "gloomy day" has changed since moving here. Dark days are no longer gloomy --it must be dark and rainy.  I do fear that people may start mistaking me for a vampire soon though. It's time to invest in some good tanning lotion.

Even the flowers were inspired by the beautiful day and decided to come out for a visit. I had to take a few snapshots just so they knew their efforts were not in vain.
And right now wouldn't you know that the sun is trying to come out! I'd like to think that even if only for today, perhaps, it's rays are just for me.
Hope you have a beautiful, bright, happy day!