Eleanor | 7 Months

Eleanor turned 7 months.. last month!! This is the latest I've even been with an update. I did take the pictures when she turned 7 months.. so now it's just a matter of remembering everything!
7 month old Eleanor likes...
Huck and Herschel
big brother Jack
raspberries and being tickled
her binky
reading books! (new one)
being rocked 
 7 month Eleanor dislikes...
when mommy leaves the room
being overtired (basically any time after 6pm)
laying still for diaper changes
eating solids
sleeping in her crib
Health: No wellness checkup this month but on my scale she's right around 18lbs. She moved up to size 3 diapers and is still in all 9 month size clothes. As far as dairy is concerned she can still only tolerate baked in dairy through my breastmilk. After doing further food eliminations we also discovered that she has an intolerance/sensitivity to bananas. So I am no longer eating those obviously... Other than that, Ellie is happy and gaining weight although we still occasionally get reflux flare ups that disrupt her sleep and some allergy looking diapers.

Nursing: Our nursing relationship is still going strong at 7 months! She is very easily distracted during the day so I find the best times to feed her are right after naps when she's still a bit drowsy. She has begun to wake more to nurse at night, too. I feel as though she really is hungry for one or two of those feedings because she isn't much of a fan of solids and doesn't nurse well when Jack is around. She definitely is using night feedings to get her calories she missed out on during the day (which is very unfortunate for me!).

Solids: We've experimented a little more with solids this month (peas, rice cereal, carrots), but I honestly think Eleanor simply doesn't like purees. She pretty much refuses to eat them after the first spoonful... but if we give her really soft cooked carrots or peas in small pieces she'll pick them right up and eat them! She still eats very little when it comes to solids though.

Sleeping: I feel as though we regressed a little bit again in the sleep department this month. Instead of waking twice to eat she's now up 3-4 times a night again. Eleanor is consistently inconsistent when it comes to her sleep! She still sleeps about 6pm - 6am but will occasionally have a very early morning here or there (like 5-:30). It's pretty miserable for me to be honest!

She takes 2 naps a day. They could last anywhere from 30 minutes to about 1.5 hours. Usually her second nap is her better one. I'm hoping she does start taking a little bit better naps soon though so we can push her bedtime back to 7 eventually.
New this Month: Eleanor is crawling! I feel like the day after I wrote her 6 month post she basically started full out crawling and now she is a pro. She follows me all around the house on all fours surprisingly fast for her petite little frame! She also starting sticking her tongue out and just making the funniest faces this past month! She still loves to play with all her brothers toys more so than her own and especially loves to slobber all over his pretend food. This is the first month that she's shown interest in books. At bedtime, if she's not overtired already, I'll read her two books while in the rocking chair and she gets so excited --reaching for them and kicking her legs-- but then settles right down and snuggles as I read the story. It's seriously the sweetest and I love that she's starting to show interest in books! And although Eleanor doesn't need to be rocked to fall asleep at night I've been noticing that she definitely prefers to fall asleep that way. But despite not being the best sleeper she sure falls asleep pretty easily! Now just to get her to STAY asleep all night long.... HA!
Eleanor, I love watching you grow month to month! You are just the sweetest little girl I've ever met! I love how easily you laugh and offer up smiles and the fact that you simply adore your momma. I love your silly hairline and that perfect roll you have on your knees. I love everything about you, top to bottom! I am so blessed to be your momma, sweet girl.