Jack | 7 Months

Okay. I really dropped the ball on this one. 
More than 2 weeks late on my little man's monthly update this time around! 
Life is busy, busy! And Jack definitely keeps my hands full.
(Not to mention it's getting near impossible to take these pictures. 
I'm pretty sure Jack's intention is to dive off of this chair and give his momma a heart attack.)
7 month old Jack loves...
his dino paci
being outside
eating solids
(I'm this little guy favorite person and loving every minute of it while I can.)
7 month old Jack hates...
getting his diaper changed
nap time
when you take anything out of his hands
Health: At Jack's last checkup he weighed 18lbs 12oz and was 27.5 in tall. He has consistently been in the 70th percentile or higher since birth. He has 2 new teeth! (Now 3 on top, 2 on bottom.) He is still in size 3 diapers and wears mostly 9 month size clothes. So, so thankful for my big, healthy boy!

Food (Nursing): My little man is a snacker, for sure! He still nurses about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. But they are always quick, 4-5 minute feedings. If I try to go a little longer in between feedings he pretty much throws a fit... unless we're out and about. Who has time to eat when there are so many new, exiting things to look at!?!

Food (Solids): Last month Jack wasn't too sure how he felt about solids. He tolerated mealtime but definitely wasn't enthusiastic about it. Now I think he's genuinely enjoying his solids! Some of his favorites are applesauce and butternut squash. He really enjoys sweet combinations such as butternut squash mixed with banana and a hint of cinnamon. He tolerates his greens if they are hidden in sweeter vegetables like carrots. He usually eats 2+ ounces a feeding 2x a day. 

Speaking of solids... so far I've made all his baby food and I hope to keep going to ensure he's eating healthy, all natural foods, but what pre-made baby food and snack brands out there do you guys like and trust? Once he starts snacking more I'm assuming I'll want some pre-made go-to's on hand for when we're out and about. (?Or no? Do people make that sort of thing, too? Not sure I'm that domestic.)  ;)

Sleep: I'm happy to report Jack is not fighting naps or bedtime as much as he was last month. Last month I seriously thought I was at my wits end. Sleep seemed to be an endless battle and we both were feeling more than a little deprived. He takes 3 naps a day and is usually down for the night between 6:30 or 7 (depending on how his naps went and if he decided to skip the 3rd one or not). He wakes up by 6-6:30 every morning. Jack still takes most of his naps in my arms like he's a newborn. Why? Because if I put him in his crib he wakes up in 30 minutes and won't. go. back. to. bed.  ...giving me a crabby baby who wants to nap 45 minutes later and a to-do list for work a mile long. This month is busy season at work, so to get stuff done I simply hold him and type with the other hand. I'm a crazy person. I know. But it gives me a solid 1 - 1.5 hours at least twice a day to work with no distraction. (Plus, I kinda just love holding him. THERE! I admitted it. I feel better.) For nighttime sleep, he goes down in his crib but wakes up repeatedly. Usually after 2 hours or so I give up and put him in bed with us where he drifts off to sleep holding my hand.. I just love him. 

New this Month: Jack is crawling! Jack started crawling on August 29th :). The first few days he would simply take 2 or 3 steps in one direction, sit, pivot, and take 2 or 3 steps in another direction. It was so cute... he wasn't sure what to do (or where to go) with his newfound independence, I suppose! About a week later he was crawling all over the place as fast as can be and getting into everything. EVERYTHING. Especially wires. And shoes. And Huckleberry's food bowl. And toiler plungers. Needless to say, we baby-proofed the house after that. He is now eating more of a variety of solids and loving it! Enjoys taking things out of any sort of storage bin -- pulls toys out of their bins, diapers out of the diaper caddy, tupperware out of cabinets, etc. pulling himself up using the couch or people's legs. Two new teeth this month -- 5 total! And I'm pretty sure he's working on that sixth as I type and he chews on my slipper...
Jack Jack, you fill my heart with so much joy.
Your smile is simply contagious.
Your daddy and I can't image this life without you.
Love you so so so much, little man!


One Last Ode to Summer

Okay, not an ode per se, because who has time for that? But it's occurred to me (thanks to the help of my Facebook feed, Instragram account, and every blogger I follow) that it is now officially Fall. Time to break out the oversized sweaters, grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte and exclaim how much we just love. the. rain. (even though we all know that's not true).

But I'm not going to lie. Summer time is my jam. I live for those hot days -- wearing flip flops to any and every occasion, spending time outdoors, ruining my skin by never applying sunscreen so I can be georgously tan. Sigh. Yep.

I like summer. Summer is my season of choice. Don't hate on me. It's true I enjoy pumpkin scones and I really do appreciate the Fall foliage and the sound that leaves make when under foot. (I've even been known to go out of my way to step on a particularly crunchy looking leaf. True story.) But I really, truly, deeply do love summer best of all, and it makes me sad every year when it is so easily dismissed for the extremely orange season otherwise known as Fall.

I thought summer deserved a proper farewell this year. So farewell, Summer! (Okay, that was very anti-climatic.) It was a good one full of lake lounging, too much sun, and many, many walks with my little family.
 I look terrible. Jack looks adorable. Sharing was necessary.
It was a contest.. who is the most pale.
Jack won.
This guy ^ Can't forget him!

Cue LFO's "Summertime" lyrics in your head... 
"summertime girls are the kind I like. I stole your honey like I stole your bike" 
... or something like that.