So..big developments in my little lake house. 
Steven and I got a puppy.
A handsom Golden Retriever.
Meet my new little boy Huckleberry.
We call him Huck...
..and we love him dearly.


Yum Yum in my Tum Tum

So, you know how everyone tells you making cake balls is fun and easy? Well, they lied. The art of cake balls is no simply task! I decided to make a yummy chocolate on chocolate cake ball, thinking that there is no way I could possibly go wrong! Well, it did.

Baking the cake was easy, crumbling the cake was fun, putting the cake into cute (rather large) balls was even an enjoyable experience. The problem came when it was time to dip the cake balls into the chocolate coating. First off, the recipes tell you to freeze the cake balls for about 30 minutes. LIE! Freeze them for at least an hour! Make that 2, better safe than sorry. My cake balls were falling apart in the coating and then everything came out looking ATROCIOUS! Yes, I said atrocious.  You don't want them to be frozen, necessarily. Just firm enough that they won't come apart when you put the coating on them.

So, although I need to work on my baking aesthetics, they still tasted very yummy in my tummy.

And yes, they were Halloween themed cake balls :) Mmm gooood!

Lesson learned, you ask? Freeze cake balls longer than directed.

The End.


I Miss You, Miss You, and Really Wanna Kiss You

I've been missing home a lot. Weekends tend to do that to me. I want to watch reality TV with my mom or have a glass of wine with my girlfriends. Oh, the small things! So, although I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world (my title for this post comes from a song he always sings to me, btw. I believe it's from a rap song?) Cute, right?

But I digress...

He truly tries his hardest to keep me entertained (full-time job) but I still feel a little blue on the weekends.

So today, while I was thinking about how I miss you all so much, I thought of a few other things I miss dearly about the East Coast as well. I decided it was my duty to share them with you so you would be more grateful of the greatness right in your neighborhood! Say, "Thank you, Dani." Why *surprised face*, you are so welcome, my friends! 

1) Chick-fil-A. I mean get it together West Coast! Chick-fil-a is the boom. I am craving one of their scrumptious chicken sandwiches with honey mustard sauce and freshly squeezed lemonades at this moment. No, I'm not openly drooling right now. Just salivating more than usual.

2) Sheetz gas stations. Seriously, you don't know how great these are until they leave your life. I mean what's so great about a gas station? Umm, well maybe their 2 hotdogs for .99 deal and other cheap, delicious food that you can get at all hours of the day. I sincerely miss driving there at 2am for some artery clogging goodies with my girlfriends.

3) Cracker Barrel. Ok, I may be slightly biased because I worked there for so long, but honestly, they have the best breakfast! I want some blueberry pancakes...

Now, stop judging me because I'm a fatty and all these places have to do with food. I like to eat. I can't help it. However, my #4 mostly missed thing about the East Coast is..(drumroll please)...

4) Sunny days! Where, oh where are you sunshine! I miss you so, so, so much! I haven't seen you in Seattle in weeks :(

My friends, be grateful for your surplus of vitamin D.



My Weekend...

First weekend in my new home was a success! It started out with this...
Which turned into this...(that's spicy marinated Salmon FYI)
And ended with this...
Yep. Dinner and a movie in front of a blazing fire all in the comfort of my own home. My life is good.


Home Sweet Home

Ready for the grand tour of my cute, little country cottage!? (Excuse the picture quality. My camera is cheap.)
This is my front (back) yard..idk. Beautiful, large deck with plenty of sitting room and a BBQ to the right side. My home is surrounded by cedar trees which gives it an amazing smell!
This is my beautiful dock where I go fishing (yeah right!). But seriously, it's a super nice dock. In front you can see my fire pit and that blue thing to the left is my paddle boat! To the far left (not in this picture) is my very own water slide as well!
 Another picture of my deck...
Let's go inside...This is my bedroom! The bedroom has 2 dressers and a large closet as well. The closet has full length mirror doors (which we all know is totally necessary). 
The living room area! Yes, that is a 42 in flat screen TV that Steven bought me because watching ESPN on any smaller sized television would be a sin. I have a cute little wood stove that heats my 900 sq. ft home quickly and an ugly floral chair. But don't judge. The house came completely furnished!
This is my dinning room/office area. The corner desk (behind the kitchen table) overlooks the lake!

Well, that's the tour for now! I'll post pics of the kitchen and bathroom at a later date! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of my little bungalow!



First Blog POST!!!

Oh my! My very first blog post EVER! 
I hope that when you read this (if anyone does reads this),
you'll be highly amused...because let's face it, I'm funny! 
And find yourself laughing, crying, or hitting faces with fists
(whatever my mood may call for at the moment)
along with me!

So, today marks my 3 month anniversary of being a Washington State resident!
I miss my family and friends like crazy, but I'm going to be a big girl and not dwell on that right now.
Instead, I want you all (who love me ever so dearly) to be aware of this Blog!
Know that although I'm far away, my adventures are just a click away.
Comment, email, call, or text me! I love hearing from you all so much...

To others who may come across my blog, feel free to read and comment as well!
Any potential, new friendships are definitely welcomed.
So, don't be shy. I'm nice, promise.

...Upcoming things to look forward to on my blog...
1) I move into my new house tomorrow!! *High five*
2) My 3 day weekend extravaganza.
3) The newest addition to mine and Steven's unofficial family.
(Don't worry, mom, it's not a child.)

So, stay tuned!