Weekend Recap

This weekend I was a terrible person. It began with boozing at the office on Friday and ended with a bacon, guacamole burger on Sunday. To say I indulged in an understatement, and my tummy ache last night was an unwelcome reminder of why being gluttonous is never a good idea. 

Sprinkled in between the binge eating were trips to Petco (to tame an extremely hyper active pup that is suffering from cabin fever due to all our rain), the best sort of date night with my man (i.e. ice cream and Les Mis), and lots and lots of flannel wearing and puppy cuddling to keep away the chill the pervaded Washington all weekend.
office booze
car rides = a happy Huck
date night
Huck's face....priceless.

It was a simple weekend really, but sometimes that's the best kind. And although Monday's are always a drag, there is a little bit of sun in the sky this morning causing me to have an extra spring in my step! Say a pray for me and my fellow Washingtonians that it decides to stay around!!


Robin said...

I agree, simple weekends are the best.

Sara Elizabeth said...

Huck is seriously the sweetest looking dog!

Allie said...

Weekends like that are my favorites. Huck's face is so good in that photo!

Sarah and Stewart said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend. I still haven't seen Les Mis and I want to so badly!

lost in travels said...

awe what a great weekend! and i know how you fel about the tummy ache! usually we're pretty good about what we eat but when my parents came to visit that all went out the window! and in it's place were stomach ache after stomach ache! i guess it's a good sign when your stomach hurts when you eat bad food : )

Kenzie Smith said...

I love simple, relaxing, weekends.. especially when they start with booze at work ha ha!
Weather wise - today was GORGEOUS! 65 degrees, very little wind, and the sun was shining all day. Hope it was as great in your neck of Washington :D

A and B said...

Thank goodness we finally have some sun!!! How was Le Mis? I've been waning to see it but I keep forgetting to rent it!

Corinne said...

aww Huck's face is too cute! We've been dealing with an antsy puppy as well due to all the rain - we're all looking forward to some sunshine for sure!