Lies: An Excerpt from My Forever Unfinished Book

“She asked me to meet her...to see if anything was still there.”

Silence ensued for a few seconds as I gathered my thoughts. What can I possibly say to him, my very best friend?

All I could come up with was, “What did you tell her?”

“I told her there is no way I could leave my life here. I mean, honestly, I’m curious, ya know, to see what could have been. What may possibly still be if I allowed it…”

Relief washed over me. As much as I knew that she was the one for him, that his life could be greater if he fled this small town into her arms, I couldn’t bear to see him go.

All I could offer was a sad smile. “I know it sucks right now, but it will be better soon. You’ll see. You made the right decision.”

Lies. Everything I said was a lie. It’s easy to lie, even to those you love most in life. It’s so easy to offer surface sentiments and clichés. It’s easy to simply give a slight smile even though you’re jumping for joy inside. It’s easy to damn the ones you love to a life of mediocrity. Being selfish is easy.

He lifted his eyes to mine and gave a sad smile back. Except his was different, it wasn’t masking joy, but grief. Open, vulnerable, ugly grief.   

“You really think so?” he said.


“I know so.”
Writing for me is one of the easiest, most natural things I do, but sharing it is always hard. Especially on this blog (now that more people than just my mother and husband read it). But sometimes I think it's worth putting out there....even if only in small, incomplete pieces. 

But honestly, this blog has become an excuse not to write. After reading and writing at work all day, and then writing for Taking Notes..., I find that the last thing I want to do in the evenings is sat down at my computer and write for me

Lately, that has become a problem. I feel uninspired and unfulfilled. Sometimes something has to go. 
I vote my job. What do you think? ;)

It's a circus act, really. And, quite frankly, I've never cared enough to learn how to juggle.  

If you're interested, you can read more of my fiction here. 


Sarah and Stewart said...

Thank you so much for sharing, I really enjoyed this!

Corinne said...

I loved reading your excerpt and definitely would buy your book! You definitely have the talent for writing!

michelle said...

write more! i would buy your book!!! :) especially if it has a huck cameo.

Jess said...

Yup, the jobs obviously gotta go! Sometimes it's hard to make the thing we truly want to do a priority- one of my close friends joined a writing group that meets every month, and that forces her to write and share her writing, but not necessarily with everyone in her life, until it/she is ready at least :)

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Holly said...

I find it easier to share my writing with strangers than it is to share it with my family/friends ~ that's why I have a blog :) I enjoyed reading your excerpt ~ I'd love to read more! You're a talented writer!

Michelle I said...

You are a beautiful writer. I hope that I get the chance to read more of your fiction!

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

Have you heard of the book 168 Hours? I'm reading it right now, and it's a big eye-opener for how I allocate my time.

It's really putting things in perspective and helping me realize where I need to prioritize my time.

I definitely recommend it! It may help :)

Kenzie Smith said...

Thank you for sharing that excerpt! I would totally buy your book based off of it, I am so curious to hear the rest of the story :D

itbritt said...

Just found your blog.
wow. I will be sticking around. I love that you actually write, and tell stories. Its so engaging.

I first started reading because of your huckleberry tab and now I'm toast. Funny, I'm also stuck in this seattle fog for love. WHY, oh WHY HEART!? Looking forward to the storms this weekend. (NOT!) Glad I'm here rather than the 85 degree weather in Cali (NOT!) At least we've found love I suppose.

Here's to hoping you have a great weekend, and a nice pair of fuzzy socks nearby.

P.S. speaking of writing, have you ever thought of writing short stories and posting the next part each week? It may help motivate you to write - and I would read it. (selfish, I know.) I'm a creative too and 'block' of any kind blows. I'm a great procrastinator, and sometimes I need to set a deadline for myself.

greymw said...

"It’s easy to damn the ones you love to a life of mediocrity. Being selfish is easy."
OMG. I will be thinking of those sentences you wrote all day long (and longer.) I already feel like I KNOW these two characters and I want them to be together! We all lie... she seems to have a good reason for it, at least. Keep writing... I want to read this entire story. You've hooked me in :)

Melinda said...

That last comment, though it says greymw, is from Melinda.. aka lou! Loving everything on this blog btw!