It's Friday! + A Little Wedding Feature + A New Blog Button

Happy Friday, friends! I just wanted to drop in real quick to wish you all a happy weekend and provide you with a little reading material for your Friday afternoon ;)

My amazing wedding photographer and good friend, Bridget, submitted mine and Steven's special day to be featured on a wedding blog, and I'm thrilled to be able to share it with you all! 

If you have some spare time, visit The Lovewell Post to see some more photos of my wedding and read all about my experience as a DIY bride! And it would be oh so kind of you to leave a comment telling Kate, the author behind The Lovewell Post, that you enjoyed the post! 
Thanks, loves! I'll be seeing you Monday. 

Also, to all you other DIY brides...was your experience similar to mine? Or did you find the extra work of being a DIY bride a little too much? I'd love to hear your story!

One last thing...how cute is this sidebar button I made of Huck?? Oh goodness, that pup is too cute to handle. If you'd like it feel free to grab the code below!
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Sarah and Stewart said...

Love the colors and style of your wedding! Gorgeous. You can see some of mine on the 3/17/13 anniversary post I did of our wedding, if you haven't already. :-)

lost in travels said...

a. your wedding pics are absolutely amazing. i love the natural colors and the country setting. b. could your dog be any cuter?! i love love love the new button!

LWLH said...

Your wedding pics are gorgeous!!

Beth W said...

Your pup is so very, very photogenic. Adorable!

Corinne said...

I loved it and thought you answered the questions really well! I have to admit that while I loved being a "DIY Bride" I think it probably wasn't the best idea of us at the time. We were planning from out of state and moved from PA to MO within a week of our wedding and Russ graduated that week as well. It was hectic, emotional, exhausting and I have to admit I drove myself (and my poor family) a little crazy those few days leading up to the big day because we had taken so much on with just the wedding (not to mention those other big things we had going on!).

With all that being said, I wouldn't have changed it for the world. Now when we think about our wedding, we think about those other big events, too. Russ graduating from medical school, our move back home...it was such a wonderful week and I love that we can tie in those milestones with our wedding. It's as if by our wedding morning we had finally come full circle.

christina said...

haha love the button : visiting from the blog hop!