Yeah. That Happened.

Sometimes I think my boss forgets I'm sitting in the office with him. For instance, when he's on the phone and says "when I get my new iphone I'm going to take a panoramic picture of my penis and send it to you," I'm assuming he forgot I was sitting right there. Like 6 feet away from him. I should probably mention he was kidding {I think} and tends to be quite the jokester. Still...

Yeah, that happened.

I am not a good morning person. As a matter of fact, I am the worst morning person ever. Example: When Huckleberry got the snip snip in the business area, the doctor informed me that he also had a staph infection and would need to be on antibiotics. I was supposed to administer this antibiotic twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Simple.  Unfortunately, I also take a multivitamin in the morning. While in my usual pre-coffee stupor, I accidentally took one of Huck's pills instead of my own. I panicked and called my mom {because that's what one does when they think they're going to die. Call their mom who lives 3,000 miles away.} Turns out, neither Huck nor myself has a staph infection. But yeah.

That happened.

At church a few Sunday's ago this really cute, old Asian man sat down beside me. I should tell you that I have this odd affinity towards geriatrics. They are cute. And sometimes, if they are especially old and especially cute, I cry. So when this old man sat beside me in church, I started sobbing. Poor Steven. When he asked why I was crying my response was, "this old, Asian man {sharp, choking breath} is just so cute." I kid you not. 

That happened.

Text messages between the husband and myself while at work always seem to result in confusion on his part...
                                    Steven: Okay, awesome! When does that need to happen?
                                    Danielle: Well you can't but the phone I'm store until 21st. So i dunno.
                                    Steven: I don't know what the hell you just said.

I promise I wasn't under the influence. It's just that...

yeah, that happened.

And so did this...
                                   Danielle: Man. I'm bored.
                                   Steven: Really? I'm slammed.
                                   Danielle: I'm Danielle. Bahahaha!
                                   Steven: Oh gosh.

God bless that man for putting up with me.

And lastly,
Yeah, that happened.


Bethany Scruggs said...

I absolutely loved this post!! SO made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Oh man this post had me laughing pretty hard! I have mornings like that on occasion. What better way to share them then on your blog :D

Lauren said...

Love the post!! I laughed so hard! I cry at random things too... What a sweet hubby to just understand.. er well try to :)


Lauren Nelson said...

Too funny! It's moments like those that are so great you couldn't possibly make up!

Liz Brown said...

You would not last long if you worked where I work ... in a geriatric physical therapy clinic. I never thought of crying over their cuteness, but lots of them ARE very sweet. :D

Chelsea Lennox said...

HA I actually think old people are SO cute too. Aw.

Casey said...

Aha a great post Danielle! I especially like the text message exchanges.

Many giggles,