Backyard Update

We now have a completely fenced in yard. It is such a good feeling! I can let Huck outside and not have to worry about him stealing the neighbors shoes {he totally did that this weekend}, eating out of the neighbors vegetable garden {where do you think this corn came from?}, and, most importantly, going into the neighbors house to eat their dog's food, which gives him extreme gas. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Huck trots right through their doggie door and helps himself to dinner. Embarrassing. They probably think we don't feed our dog. 

Anyways, for the backyard we put up a simple wire fence and in the front yard we put up a perfectly pretty cedar fence. I'm just going to show the back yard today so you aren't overwhelmed with my photo dump.

We had to bring in the heavy equipment to uproot the trees and debris and found these little treasures buried around the property. That baby doll has lived a hard life. And unfortunately, there was no money in that coffee can.
Ahhh, to be productive. What a good feeling! And having such a wonderful husband who works so hard all week and then spends his weekend working around the home!!! Huck and I are very grateful for that man. I think I'll keep him.


Anonymous said...

that babydoll is creepy!! and has huck tried to jump the fence yet?

Ashley H said...

Too funny that he will go through the neighbor's doggie door. That would be a surprise! That fence would never be sturdy enough for my Lab. He'd bulldoze right through it!

Rustic Living said...

Yay for a new fence! I bet you guys are loving it : )

Anonymous said...

Lucky Huck! I'm certain my pup would happily relinquish all of her squeaky toys in exchange for a fence that would let her run like a banshee in our yard. Poor thing acts like the leash is a Satan serpent!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the fence!

audrinajulia said...

I'm still new to your blog but it's nice to see that all hard work is put into places. Greatyou have a perimeter fence now,that's quite a relief on your safety as well.:)


Mindy said...

Huck is soo cute!! That's hilarious that he goes INTO the neighbor's house and eats their dog food! I don't think I've ever heard that one before. ;-)

Have a great weekend girl!


Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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