I Think I Own the World's Cutest Kitten.

See? I included photo evidence. Herschel is cute! But such a stinker. 
My cat is way more misbehaved than my one year old pup. I thought cats were supposed to be easy? Give them a litter box, a soft bed, and some kibble and they quickly fall into their anti-social ways. 
Never to be seen again. 
You only know they're still alive by the squirrel, mouse, and other small rodent innards they leave on your doorstep.  
Nope, Herschel is for sure the spawn of Satan, always watching and waiting to attack.  
Disguised as a miniature fluff ball.
Speaking of miniature...when do kittens reach their full adult size? 
I swear Herschel hasn't grown an inch since we got him.

As for Huckleberry, you all already know he is the world's cutest pup. 
Hands down. I win. 
And he always smiles for the camera. Double win.
I also own the world's cutest human being. Who likes to take terrible pictures of the two of us. 
I own him.
{Just in case you didn't get that.}

*Also, just a small side note, I had to get the good ole' handy, dandy computer dictionary up to see how to spell the word squirrel. How I ever got my English degree is beyond me.  


Cara said...

Hahah women SHOULD own men.
I'm not sure when cats get to their full size. I haven't had a cat in a while (although our cat lived to be 19!!) Is he an indoor/outdoor cat?

Anonymous said...

You're turning into a cat person after all! Cats probably reach their full size/weight probably around a year and a half. Is he fixed? He will plump up if he is :-)

Callie {YouDontEvenKnow} said...

General rule of thumb is they should be 4lbs at 4months old. When he goes outside does he come back? Is it fenced in and that's why he stays? My cats are "city cats" and watch from the windows :)

Allie said...

wow. that kitty is the CUTEST and you and your man are pretttttyyyy much adorable.

Shannon said...

Your kitten is SO CUTE!


Kelly said...

by far the cutest kitten ever...

Fact: women own men, we are just smart enough not to discuss it too often! ;-)

Chelsea Lennox said...

Such a cute kitten.. and of course Huckleberry is as sweet as ever.

Daisy said...

Haha, yes all three are very cute! Specially that dog of yours, he's so big now!

Erica said...

First of all -that is such a cute picture of you guys! Abigail said "wow, they look so young!" haha

The girls think "chummelberry and sher-chell" are so cute and they want to pet them

Danielle said...

Our cats took about a year and a half to reach their full size. They are definitely naughtier than our dogs. One is quite a rabbit catcher and is always brining us 'presents'. He likes to bring them inside which is quite the adventure when they're still alive.