Life Lately

Lately, everyone I know is pregnant and I get asked a lot, "when are you and Steven going to have a baby? OH. EM. GEE. It is going to be like so freakin' cute."  To which I kindly reply that I don't know, yet the mental image playing in my head is of me punching you in the face.  What's so wrong about having a child a few years after your married? Don't get me wrong, if you got married and wanted to start a family right away that's your prerogative, but Steven and I want to wait a year or two. And frankly, I don't think that makes us terrible villains. So lay off it, will ya? Wow. I should clarify that as a matter of fact, I don't hate children.  Nor is this directed at any of you reading this blog. I can gratefully say that not one of my blog readers has asked me this. Because, obviously, you get it. And you love me.

Lately, I have been Pinterest lusting over everything pumpkin. Pumpkin flavor, pumpkin smelling, pumpkin fall decor. I want to buy some canned pumpkin, candle pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and just a plain gosh darn pumpkin. 

Lately, I've been falling asleep every night while reading. Just like I use to do in college. I love that. Such a relaxing way to end my days. 

Lately, I've been itching to get our front yard fenced in. Steven fenced in the backyard a few weeks ago, so now we're 3/4 of the way to having a completely fenced in yard. Soon Huck will be running free (and safely) around unsupervised, and my life will be just a bit more simple.

Lately, I haven't been pumped about football season at all. Actually, I'm kind of dreading the guys coming over every Sunday, all day, to watch the games like last season. Marrying a football fanatic will take the fanatic right out of you, I suppose. 

Lately, I love the smell of the oncoming, crisp Autumn air. It actually smells like Fall. Is that even possible?? Or is this all in my head?

What's been going on in your life lately?? I'd love to hear about it! Happy Tuesday, friends!


Cara said...

It definitely does smell like fall here. Was I the only one who was kind of excited about the rain yesterday?

Anonymous said...

People were asking my husband and i when we were going to have babies at the wedding!! Its crazy and i feel the same way as you. I say whatever makes you happy and works for your family is the perfect thing to do! Enjoy your marriage while its just the two of you, and those adorable fur babies of yours!

k8te said...

what a cute pic! having the whole yard fenced will make it so much easier with huck!

i feel like everyone around us is pregnant too! but we got married abour 1-2yrs later than a lot of our friends. 2 years ago there was a crazy wedding boom, and this year it's a baby boom. so far we haven't gotten the baby question, but i imagine it's only a matter of time! :)

Anonymous said...

I am in the same boat with the smells of pumpkin! I have been dying to make a pumpkin pie the last few days, just haven't had the time yet. I think I might do that today since I have a day off..
That will be so great to get your front yard fenced! Our backyard is fenced.. but our dogs jump the fence. Ugh.
You guys will have a baby when you are ready to have a baby :D Simple as that!

Courtney said...

I'm totally with you! I'm not married yet but I know when I get married I don't want to have children for a few years so we can just enjoy each other =)

Danielle said...

To each how own but I really enjoyed those first few childless years of marriage before baby came along. It was so relaxing and really nice to just focus on us and our relationship and be spontaneous without worrying about naps and bedtimes. And the pets definitely still count as kids. We refer to the dogs as A's brothers.

Danielle said...


Daisy said...

I HATE that question! Sometimes I want to say I can't have children, and give them a blank stare.... but that would be mean.

cynthia said...

I've been getting the baby question for...oh, about 10 years at least. Not everyone wants them right away, or even at all. It's kind of a rude question if you think about it. (Which I am, more and more as people ask it, more and more!)
A fenced yard was one of our MUST HAVES when we were house hunting. It's great for us AND the dogs!

Kendra // The Darling Blog said...

Oh my gosh!! It's so fuzzy! I love kittens, especially the fuzzy ones.

- Kendra thedarlingblog.com

daniwhitney said...

As a newlywed myself I can definitely relate about the kids question. Don’t people understand we want some time to enjoy just being ‘the two of us’? Also, I know how you feel about the guys and football Sunday’s—I’m married to a Packers fan :) Enjoy and happy football season!