Friday Letters

Dear Linen Suit - I'm glad I finally got around to taking you to the dry cleaners. That was one terrible stench coming from your porous fabric. Maybe it was the fact that Steven and I waited 2 months to bother getting you cleaned, allowing the natural lake water scents of seaweed and dead fish simply simmer in our laundry room. Either way, crossing one more chore off my to-do list feels good and not feeling nauseated every time I open the laundry room door feels ever better. Dear Home - You are finally coming together. We have the back yard fenced in, a beautiful blue pantry door, and a cedar smelling new desk. You're starting to feel like...well, home. Dear Husband - EEEKKK! Breaking Bad is intense and although I hate getting addicted to new shows, I love cuddling with you. So it is all worth it. Dear Friends - Hi! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Karina Marie Powell said...

Happy weekend to you and your cute hubby!!!

Karla said...

Oh my sooo worth it.. especially after having a shot like this captured!!

Anonymous said...

i love that picture! i'm glad your house is coming together. it's such a great feeling!

Nicholl Vincent said...

omg that picture! amazing!

New follower :)

Have a happy Friday! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

I really love that picture! Is it from your own wedding? What's the story behind it? Sorry, I'm just a wedding junkie and I love to hear other people's stories :)

Hope you have a great weekend my dear!


Tina Byland said...

Breaking Bad is sort of amazing. Are you all caught up? I don't want to give anything away. But if you are caught up, OH MY GOODNESS?!?! Can we discuss!?!?!

Anonymous said...

hey there! newest follower to your adorable blog! i loooove this photo - soo sweet. cant wait to read more from ya and would love if you followed back!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I linked up for fridays letters for the first time yesterday! Love your picture! Was it for a trash the dress session?


Taylor said...

What an adorable picture!! I stumbled upon your blog via Story of my life and now I'm obsessed with your wedding...talk about gorgeous! Friday letters is such a cute idea. I may have to check it out myself!

Treasure Tromp said...

Hii to you too!! ;)

Hollie Ann said...

ahh!! blue pantry door! that sounds amazing!