Friday Letters

FYI, I know how to ride a bike.

Dear Comcast - Thank God we finally got a hold of one of your technical guys to come out to our house and run the cable line underground this weekend. Honestly, I don't like you one bit. Haven't ever since I started paying for your services 6 years ago (wow, has it really been that long since I started college!!). I won't be surprised if Steven and I wait around wasting our Saturday and you never show...wouldn't be surprised at all. I'm just glad someone answered the phone. Dear Fall - Obviously, I am stoked you are here. Just thought I'd mention it again. Dear Bachelor - I may have nominated one of my friends to be on your show because I  may have heard that Sean Lowe is going to be the next Bachelor and because I may be completely obsessed with him. Maybe.

I hope you all have wonderful weekend adventures planned! See you on Monday!



Mrs Independent said...

We need to get together and go for a bike ride!

LWLH said...

Dear Fall,
I love you too

So glad it's almost here.

Brooke said...

I don't know if that pic is from Seattle or West Virginia or what, but it is so gorgeous outside! AH I love fall. It's here!

Your blog is so cute. I'm really excited to be your newest follower :)



Natasha Ting said...

awh. I crave fall. How i wish we have the four seasons here in Malaysia!(where i live)

by the way, {give me some words back?} ..heh!