Friday Letters

Stevie says he doesn't like the kitty, but I know better.

Dear Husband - You have been working so hard lately and I am so proud of you! Your diligence and work ethic put me to shame. My 8 hour work days are enough to make me cranky and pout, but you put in 10+ and have such a great attitude! I really could learn a lesson or two from you daily. Dear Huckleberry and Herschel - Lately, you two have not been playing very nice and it's starting to stress me out! Let's practice kindness, patience, and love, shall we? And Huck, you are getting a bath this weekend. Dear Mom and Dad - Just a little over 7 weeks until you'll be in Washington visiting meeeee!!!! YAY!!!! I can't wait to show you my new home and have you meet Huckleberry! I better get to planning some exciting excursions :) 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, lovelies! 


Chelsea Coleen said...

i think we allllllll could learn a little bit from your hubbys work week attitude!

Tina Byland said...

I love parent visits! Have a great weekend and good luck with giving Huck a bath... like, good luck. Whew. I wouldn't dare put my cats in a bathtub ever again. I care about keeping my skin in one piece a little too much these days! Haha!!!


audrinajulia said...

Love this post! So sweet of you to post this. I so can relate having a wonderful and supportive husband, who can work 24/7 for his family.

Would love to know more about you so I will keep in touch!