Good Friday Letters

Dear Huckleberry - You little escape artist you! Usually you get the run of the yard while Steven and I are at work, but yesterday we had some complications and had to put you in your doghouse (aka the garage). Just this one time! And when I got home you are no where to be found! I panicked, maybe shed a tear or two, and shouted your name up and down the street. When I finally knocked on the neighbors door, you came prancing out of their home like you own the place. Turns out, you decided to open the garage window (!!!), climb out, and head to their place to pass the hours. You are rotten. And you're lucky the neighbors love you, too. Dear Sunshine - Rumor has it you will be shining bright this weekend. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Dear Easter - You are one of my most favorite days!! I am flooded with great memories every time I think of you. A new Easter dress with a big floppy hat, a scavenger hunt for me and my brothers to find our baskets, and then those baskets, full of chocolate and other goodies...Easter was always so much fun!! Now that I'm older I see that it really isn't about all those things, but I still hold those memories near and dear to my heart. Dear Mom and Dad - Thank you so much for being amazing! All of my holiday memories are so fond because you both went above and beyond to make them special for Justin, Nathan, and I. You've given me traditions and values I plan on passing down to my children one day, and I can never say thank you enough for blessing me with such a wonderful childhood. Dear Lord - Thank you for loving me and for your sacrifice. I'll never be able to fathom the depths of your love.

Happy Good Friday! I hope you have an amazing Easter weekend surrounded by the ones you love!


Corinne said...

I cannot imagine how you must have felt while searching for Huckleberry! I would have been a HUGE mess! Thank GOODNESS he was safe with your neighbors!

Kenzie Smith said...

Oh that is so scary when dogs get out! That's crazy he was able to open the window, what a smart dog ha ha. I know that panicked feeling all too well. So glad he was with your neighbors, safe!
I'm really hoping that the weather keeps up :D We are loving it!

Tyah Ferguson said...

Ohhh! Tricky little Huck!!! Gosh that would have given me a heart attack too! Good thing he was making neighborhood visits instead of roaming the streets! What a lovable guy!

LWLH said...

Have a great Easter girl!! :)

Kotryna Bass said...

this is so cute and open-hearted! I love it. Have a great Eastern Weekend!


Robin said...

Wow, Huck! I'm glad he was okay.

Karen Curtis said...

Happy Resurrection Weekend! He is risen, indeed!

I love the "other parts" of Easter too!


Anne @ Cup of Caffeine said...

Ahh! I would have had a heart attack if my puppies were not where I left them for the day. I'm glad you found Huck and he had fun.

Happy Easter, he's risen! I hope your day is a sunny one.

Sarah and Stewart said...

Happy Easter, I hope it was wonderful!