Sunshine, Snuggles, and an Upcoming DIY Project!

First off, I should start by telling you how my Monday is going.....
 which is TERRIBLE!!!!
Half way through my commute I realized I didn't have my work laptop and had to turn around and head home. Not fun. I hate traffic and I hate forgetting things and I hate Mondays! 

But I digress...

This weekend was actually pretty spectacular because we had sunshine on Saturday. Sunshine, people! Sunshine!! I'm talking warm rays of vitamin D here!  
Huck hasn't seen much sun in his 1 1/2 years on this planet and it made him pretty lethargic and snuggly. I didn't mind. Since the hubby was away on important business that morning (he was playing in a dart tournament in Seattle [yes, my husband plays darts and I choose to love him despite that fact]), Huck and I lounge around and simply enjoyed every minute in the sun!

Other than than, my weekend consisted of yeast free grocery shopping, some iced tea on a patio with a friend, and a trip to the Loft where I bought this blouse in navy.
1. Protein shake: 2 scoops all natural peanut butter, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, one scoop chocolate protein powder,  6 ice cubes. 
2. Typical breakfast.

And!! The most exciting part of the weekend was probably our Home Depot run! (My husband and I like to have our dates at Home Depot. It's true.) Steven is making me this coffee table I pinned a few months ago! Can't wait to share the ending result with all of you!
One last thing before I sign off for the day! I should probably congratulate Shauna Q for winning the $30 shop credit to Ramsey Street Deigns! Congrats, lady! We will be contacting you shortly on how to claim your prize!

And don't be feeling too bummed if you didn't win because Ashley, the sweet designer behind the shop, if offering 15% off all purchases with the code: TAKINGNOTES. 

Now get shopping!! ;)


Cara said...

I can't tell you how many times I've left the house without my work laptop, and realize it when I'm pulling into work. Or left without my wallet, thank god that you can save your credit card number in the Jimmy Johns website... saved my life a few times.

Bri Bliss said...

I wish my husband was handy enough to build me things off of my Pinterest page! Lucky duck!

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't get in trouble for being late!

Almond milk is awesome...I like the vanilla, regular, and chocolate.

Zoë said...

Yay for sunny weekends! I cannot wait for spring. That coffee table will be amazing!

k8te said...

i can totally relate to the laptop thing, i have only left mine at home twice...but it's a 1 hour drive each way. so yeah. i just worked from home that day ;)

the sunshine was amazing this weekend, not to mention that it's light out when i get home now. it's the little things!

(i'm making this comment so long, oops!) after seeing your desk i can't wait to see that coffee table, does your hubby want to give my hubs lessons in carpentry?!

Sarah said...

Oh man I love a good, warm in the sunshine puppy! Huck looks in heaven!

Sarah and Stewart said...

Mondays are never fun and daylight savings made this morning particularly awful! But it looks like you had a good weekend and I LOVE that coffee table!

Katie Hall said...

Huck is adorable! I have a golden about the same age...best dogs ever!

Anonymous said...

We had some sun in my town too! I was so dang happy, finally being able to get out of the house and enjoy it. Love the pictures of you and Huck! So cute!
That coffee table is pretty freaking gorgeous - I can't wait to see the end result!