A Review, a Funny Photo, & a Cat

I knew I was due for an eye exam when I discovered myself squinting to see the chalkboard in my 9th grade science class even though I sat in the front row. It was definitely time to invest in some eyeglasses. And you know what? I was kinda thrilled.

Glasses were a coolest fashion statement trending at the time (as were braces and scrunchies, but those are things we try to block out) and I couldn't wait to pick out a pair! Luckily for me, eyeglasses have remained a hot trend...because my eye sight sure isn't getting any better!
GlassesUSA.com is an awesome website where you can order stylish new glasses at an affordable price! They offer a wide variety of high quality frames and lenses at a 110% lowest price guarantee.  Plus, there is something for everybody --from frame thickness, shape, and color-- so you'll be sure to snag a pair you love!

And although buying eyeglasses online may sound daunting, with their 30 day money back guarantee you can put your mind at ease!

So if you've been looking to order glasses then now is the time to do it! Right now GlassesUSA is offering 15% off + free shipping on your entire order (for orders over $50), and 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Simply use the code: Blog10.

Want to get a sneak peak of what you might look like in your new glasses? Try out their Virtual Mirror! You can see what style and shape best completes the look you're trying to achieve before even placing your order! (Plus, it's a really great time killer at work....but you didn't hear that from me.) 
Now it's my turn!
Hmm...are my glasses crooked?? ;)

So tell me! Do you wear glasses? And would you ever consider ordering them online?

I was compensated for this post by GlassesUSA.com. All opinions expressed are my own.


AM said...

I wore contacts for years and having to wear glasses now is really hard to get used to. Guess my face is thin as I have the worst time finding frames that fit usually have to resort to kid frames. And it's nice to see designers making petite lines. Not sure if I could order online or not as I literally try on tons of frames before I ever find one that fits.lol Though the price sounds a lot more affordable as my glasses seem to cost at least $400 with anti reflection and ultra thin lenses. But sounds like a great idea, the trying on feature would help and love your frames!

Corinne said...
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Corinne said...

I typically wear contacts for the most part but mainly because my glasses are outdated. I've been toying with the idea of buying glasses online but it's so scary to me! I will definitely look into this website, though. Are those your new glasses? They look so cute on you!

Sarah and Stewart said...

Okay your frames are SO cute!! I went to the eye doctor a while back because I knew my vision was deteriorating (which they confiredm) but then never dealt with picking the frames and getting glasses! Instead I've been using an old pair of my mom's (she has the same Rx). But I'd love to get some cute ones just for me!

Bridy H said...

Nice choice, Danielle. Looks good on you :)

I never got used to seeing my face with my glasses on. My first glasses were rimless with small silver legs. The second glasses have some rhinestones at the edges from glass to the black legs. But I always have the feeling that they don´t match me, my outfit or my makeup. I found out I need a lot more eye-makeup, because the glasses are quite absorbing it somehow. But when I take off my glasses I look like I´ve fallen into a pot of paint that morning :)

Allie Gunter said...

Aww your kitten is adorable!
Newest follower here :)


katie ridings said...

love the shades!!

Optickart said...

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