Weekend Review: A few Rays of Sun and Zombies

It's time for another weekend recap where I pretend like my husband and I have a life ;)
Truth is, we are really just concerned about getting our home in shape. 
Mainly outdoor projects right now like the chicken coop and some yard maintenance. 
So if the weather is nice, that's most likely what we'll spend our weekend working on.
And it turns out that after the weather man's fake out last Thursday (calling for sun when what we actually got was hail!! Grrr..) the rest of the weekend he was pretty spot on!
While Steven worked on the chicken coop and made a run to the dump,  I started burning the brush pile. It felt good to be outside and be productive! Plus, I snapped this pretty funny photo of Huck that looks like he's blowing smoke out of his butt ;) Ha!
And to reward ourselves for being the amazing homeowners that we are, we decided to go on a little dinner date at Salty's that night. It was surprisingly easy to keep my meal yeast free, too! My lobster dish came with two sides (veggies and mashed potatoes) and I simply told them to give me double veggies instead. Win! And as of this morning I am 10lbs lighter! Win Win!
Steven on the other hand opted for a yeast infested beer.....
Boys will be boys.
In true Sunday fashion we decided to keep things simple. Went to church, made some home cooked Paleo "spaghetti," and partook in lots of couch sitting. 
And like almost every other American, we ended our Sunday watching the Walking Dead. Did you watch it? If not, then why are we friends? Are we friends? I am obsessed with this show. I found last night's episode to be quite disturbing and really sad! :( I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched yet butIneedtotalkaboutittosomeone!!!!!!

And zombies are gross.

Okay. The End.

How was your weekend??


Cara said...

I'm obsessed with Walking Dead also. Last night was so good. I'm sad it will be over again next week.
PS- You should look into Bates Motel. Pretty darn good, also.

Jessica @ Wonder Whats Next said...

You can talk to me about The Walking Dead! I was so sad. I knew KNEW something was going to happen to Merle. Just as soon as he gets his head on right, karma comes around to bite him in the butt. I have cried over EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER that's died so far and Merle is no exception...but I think I was crying more for Daryl than Merle. He's one of my favorites and I hate that he lost his brother again. :(

michelle said...

i really need to start watching the walking dead. i am so horrible with watching tv.

ps congrats on losing 10 lbs! you kick ass! maybe i need to try going yeast free too!

Becca Moss said...

It's been snowing non stop since yesterday here in Ohio, I understand your pain girl, I really do.

Southern Love/ City Lights said...

Obsessed with Walking Dead! We can totally be friends! :)

What did you think?


Sarah and Stewart said...

We had the same type of weekend filled with house projects, and it was wonderful. We spent a large part of Sunday afternoon sealing the grout in our master bath... when did we become responsible grown ups?! And I actually don't think I've even heard of Walking Dead, let alone watched it! Eek! Although we did watch the first episode of Downton Abbey last night and loved it. :-)

Alexa said...

Awww Huck's picture is hilarious!! Typical man, blowing smoke out his *beeeeeeeep* ;)
I kid, I kid.

And I'd LOVE that paleo "spaghetti" recipe if you care to share! All of those pretty little ingredients look right up my alley.

Kenzie Smith said...

This week we are supposed to have such nice weather, Saturday is supposed to get up to 68 here! I am so excited :D We can definitely use more sunny and warm weather. Fun pictures :D
We just started watching the Walking Dead, we are on season two.. about halfway through so far!

lost in travels said...

i can't wait to see the finished chicken coop!

Lauren said...

that is the funniest picture of huck yet. his face lets you know he has no idea whats so funny!