My Boys, Froyo, & a Little About Habits

But not in that order.
This weekend consisted of healthy eating with a little froyo on the side! Steven and I finished our 30 day cleanse and decided to celebrate with a froyo trip. It probably would have made more sense to celebrate with a new pair of skinny jeans, but since I discovered that I now fit into all my size 4 jeans that were too tight to button a month ago, clothes shopping seemed unnecessary! 
And although I thoroughly enjoyed my froyo, I think I would have been just as content with some apple slices and peanut butter for a sweet treat. It's funny how simply cleansing your body for 30 days will do that do ya! We didn't consume any processed sugars. So now sweet is just sweet. No matter what form it comes in. 

They say it takes 30 days to form a habit, and I feel like I'm living proof of that now. The last 30 days I've eaten clean and now it's just easy. It's easy to choose a handful of cashews over a bag of chips to snack on. It's easy to enjoy my tuna salad in a crispy lettuce leaf instead of between two slices of bread. It's genuinely easy and I don't plan on even going back to how I ate before. 

I'll post more on the cleanse (example menu plans and recipes and other physical benefits I haven't shared with you yet) later this week, but for now let's continue to relive the weekend!

Saturday night I pulled a huge blogger fail by not bringing my camera along with me! ;) But in my defense it was a pretty low-key night. Stevie and I went to a good friend's who have the freaking cutest baby in the world. I'm not even kidding. Every time I get to hold that kid I get intense baby fever! We spent the evening catching up and laughing over some intense games of bananagrams. If you don't know what that game is you're missing out! Go buy it now.

And on Sunday I cuddled with my boys. The funny thing is I've never been much of a cuddler, yet I married the most cuddly man, adopted the most cuddly cat (who likes to wake me up by purring on my stomach), and, as you all know, own the cuddliest golden in all the land!  
My boys love me, so I suppose it's okay to take some time out of each day to simply cuddle them.
(Have you ever read the word "cuddle" more times in one post?)
Hope you had a great weekend as well!
I'm already counting down the days till the next one...


k8te said...

you look great! can't wait to see more about your new healthy habits...i'm always looking for new healthy meals. also, i have to know where you got that cute bird shirt?! :)

Sarah said...

I hear ya!! I cheated on some ice cream last weekend and paid for it! Its crazy how fast your body can change!! I think we may add a few cheats back in but I don't think we will turn back now to how we ate before!

Becca Moss said...

I'm excited to read more about the clean eating! I need to do something differently, we eat so bad and I can feel it wearing on me.

Jess said...

Wow, congrats on your change in eating. I can`t even imagine being able to change my habits like that, it sounds wonderful. Though I might love ice cream and chocolate a little too much to even try it, I would like to embrace smaller portions & more "whole foods" in general.

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Anonymous said...

Hearing about your positive cleanse experience is so inspiring, and fitting into jeans that were too tight before must have felt amazing!

Jen said...

Congrats on the 30 days and forming new habits that are gonna stick :) I bet you feel awesome! I have done pretty well the last month/month and a half or so, I cheat once in a while but not nearly as much as I used to!

Anonymous said...

cuddlecuddlecuddlecuddlecuddle! I love it :)

And woohooo on the clean eating positive changes! I noticed the exact same thing last year when I really stepped up my game eating-wise. I truly don't crave crappy food anymore and will reach for fruits+vegetables over junk any day! Can't wait to read more of your posts about recipes and the plan itself. You go, Danielle Coco!

Katie Hall said...

You know, it is so funny that I found your blog because I feel like I am reading about my own life!! I also live with my husband, cat (who looks just like yours) and my Golden...and they are all SOO cuddly!! How funny!

Corinne said...

Way to go on continuing on your healthy lifestyle! I agree that the first several weeks are the hardest, once you get past those it's so much easier!

lost in travels said...

congrats on making it a month! that's so great! i bet you feel awesome! i'm trying to eat healthier, emphasis on TRYING! i know i always feel better when i do, but why does pizza have to taste so good?!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

That food looks amazing, YUM!

Sparkles and Shoes
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Liz Luscomb said...

I'm looking forward to you sharing the recipes!

You look fantastic, so I think I may try it...if you can convince me with your recipes, anyway. LOL.


Sarah and Stewart said...

Congrats on finishing the cleanse! You look fantastic and I LOVE your black top with the birds on it.

Hannah said...

You are amazing for cutting tu sweets and eating healthy for 30 days! I would love to hear more about what you did, I'm trying to get healthy so I'm looking for tips!

Joseph Carr said...

Doing a 30 day cleansing is never easy, but you did it! Anyway, eating froyo is a good reward for a job well done. It's delicious and can satisfy your cravings for sweets while staying healthy.

-Joseph Carr @ Fresh and Healthy Brands