Friday Letters

Yep, Herschel is all grown up!
Dear Herschel - You are no longer a baby!! You're big and fluffy, but just as cuddly as ever so I think we'll keep you. Plus, you have proven to be effective in the mouse killing department. I haven't found mouse poop in my shoes in quite some time. Dear Yeast Free - I can't believe it's been nearly 3 weeks and I'm still going strong! My weight hasn't changed from last week (still at 7lbs. lost), but I feel great and am enjoying the increased energy throughout the day and the great sleep at night! Dear Husband - I am so glad you're home! I seriously thought an ax murderer was standing outside the shower waiting to kill me yesterday morning while I was washing my face! I couldn't get those suds off quick enough. No one was there. I would've known that if you were home :( Dear Friends - Does anyone else get super paranoid when they are taking a showing while home alone? Dear Weekend - Okay! Okay! I know I say this a lot, but truly, you are my favorite.

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Hope you have a great weekend! See you Monday :)


Megan Nash said...

I can only take a 20 second shower when i am home alone, and I have to leave the shower curtain open on one end so I can see if someone walks in. So glad I am not the only paranoid person:)

Have a great Friday!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes! I can't shower when I'm home alone, because it's also the only time Holly decides to bark super loud for no reason whatsoever!!! Absolute terror, I swear.

But in other news - OMG big Hersch! In my mind he's still a kitten and always will be. Hope that's OK ;) Happy weekend, sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Your cat is so adorable! I want a long-haired kitty. We have a short-haired kitty and he's not as much fun to pet as long-haired kitties! :P
And I don't have a problem in the shower, but I'm scared of just about everything else. I hate leaving my room in the middle of the night and I refuse to look out any windows at nighttime.


Anonymous said...

I am so paranoid when my other half isn't home - I have all of the doors and windows locked, and the dogs by my side all day. I also hate taking a shower when he isn't home. Usually if he is gone I try to go out and do something with my son or go hang out at a friend's house. Luckily our neighborhood has a very nonexistent crime rate, but still!

Kelsey Bang said...

super fluffy and way cute!

Jen said...

I am the biggest shower-phobe when I am home alone! Also another thing I have to do every. single. time I go into the bathroom, regardless if someone is home or not, is pull back the shower curtain and make sure there isn't a murderer in there. I wish I was kidding. I have no idea where I got this habit from!!

Heather @ From Here to There said...

That thought always goes through my head when I step in the shower and I'm alone. I just think... man, it'd be so easy for someone to just walk up in here and scare the crap out of me! Glad you're feeling safe now! Have a great weekend!

Sarah and Stewart said...

I actually love showering when I'm home alone because I can waste as much time (and hot water) in there as I want without my husband giving me grief for it! ;-)

LWLH said...

I don't like showering while I'm home alone either. Not only the murder thing but how about if you severely injure yourself in there, they're going to find you buckass naked.

Kiersten said...

Your cat is absolutely gorgeous!! And it's probably just an added bonus that she makes like a cat and kills mice and bugs. (my cat on the other hand, stares at the bugs...)
<3 Kiersten

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cat!
If I am the only one home, other than the dogs, I often put them in the bathroom with me while I shower.

lost in travels said...

congrats on the yeast free! that cannot be easy! and i always think someone's trying to break in. last night the wind had me convinced someone was trying to break in our windows...we live on the third floor

Marsa said...

your cat is sooo cute! i want a dog so bad but my husband says no :( haha

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