Weekend Recap + 18 Week Bump Pictures

We had one rainy, stormy weekend. The kind that calls for reruns of your favorite TV shows, long naps, and baking. Lots of baking.  

Steven had to work late Friday night so I got home feeling pretty bummed, preparing myself for a boring Friday evening alone, but then I found a cute little package on my doorstep from my sweet friend, Jen, and well, my mood changed quite considerably. It's amazing how simply knowing that someone else is thinking about you can uplift your spirits and change the gloomy outlook that was shading your eyes just moments before! So thank you, Jen! Your thoughtful gifts could not have come at a better time! 
With a renewed look at the alone time ahead of me, I decided to bake some yummy pumpkin chocolate chip bread, dive into a new book, and take a much needed bubble bath! It was a pretty perfect Friday night.
The rest of the weekend consisted of stuffing my face with the above mentioned bread, watching lots of football, and tackling some home improvement projects. I actually painted so much yesterday that I woke up to a pretty sore arm this morning. Who knew painting could be such a workout!? I hope to finish and share the house projects later in the week. ;)

But no weekend is complete without cuddles from this cute little man. His favorite pastime this time of year is running outside in the rain and then coming in soaking wet and demanding cuddles. And I mean, really, how could anyone resist this face?
I'm sorry I was such a slacker last week and didn't post a week 18 pregnancy update! There really haven't been many changes though. With each new day I am feeling better and better. My nausea doesn't last as long nor is it as intense as it was the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy. I am eating better, drinking lots of water, and (overall) feeling really good! 

With Steven's crazy schedule these last few weeks we didn't even find the time to snap our normal pregnancy update photo, so these cell pics will have to do.
I hope everyone else had a great weekend!
p.s. did anyone watch the Breaking Bad finale?? 


Anonymous said...

Love the wrapping, your bread looks delicious and super cute to do your bump pic with a little cutie pie too.

Pamela said...

You look soooo cute!!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

Cutest little bump ever! I'm sure you're waiting for the bump to get nice a big (I know I was), but enjoy the mobility while it lasts :)

That bread looks AMAZING! I am so so so happy it's pumpkin season!

Namrata said...

You seriously baked those cakes after your work!!! Unbelievable! if anyone says to even walk 10 steps after coming from work, I may smack his face down!

How do you manage your work and your little man ??? Well! if it's bothering you then you can give him to me...*secret crush ;)*

Kenzie S said...

What a sweet surprise! I love the wrapping :D
I can't believe how stormy it has been lately. I guess a tornado touched down in Pierce County! Crazy.