Weekend Recap: Jurassic Park & Puppy Snacks

Long weekends are the best. Going back to work after one of them is the hardest. Especially when you're baby is threatening to make you lose your Cheerios. The only thing I hate worse than losing my Cheerios is losing them while at work. 

All in all, we had a great Labor Day weekend! It started off with the Ben & Jerry's ice cream truck stopping by work so I could fill my face with some chocolate chip cookie dough goodness... a weekend simply can't go wrong when it starts off with that!
On Saturday, Steven and I headed up to Seattle so he could get a fitting at Brooks Brothers. We decided to make a little day trip out of it and did some shopping and hit up the Pike Place Market.
Maybe not the best idea since being Labor Day weekend Seattle was packed! I felt like a sardine walking down the street shoulder to shoulder with strangers...but after seeing this Jurassic Park jeep on the way I decided all was good and the trip was well worth it. 
 Seriously! How funny is that??

Sunday and Monday were spent pretty laid back. Steven did some home beautification while I sat close by on the floor yelling words of encouragement and asking if he was done yet. We did a little yard work, played an intense game of Scrabble, and watched more hours of Law & Order: SVU than I'd like to admit. ;)
Pretty typical weekend activities for a holiday weekend, but it was still lots of fun! And the extra day off work was much needed. Partly because I was able to catch up on some much needed zzzz's, but mostly because it gave me extra time to prepare for a very special somebody's birthday this week!
Our little Hucklebutt turns 2 tomorrow! I gave him a treat early so he could do a little taste test. We'll be dropping these yummy, homemade carrot and banana snacks off at daycare tomorrow to share with all his furry friends! Huck eagerly gobbled his treat up and begged for another, so I'd say this recipe is definitely a keeper!!

Hope each of you had an amazing labor day weekend as well!

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Cara said...

OMG stop you are too funny! Taking treats to his doggy friends!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday huck!!!!!!

Jess Bourne said...

I love that you made treats for Huck to take to daycare! Bailey turns 1 in November and we're doing the same :)

Pamela said...

AWW :) What's the recipe!?

Kristine said...

We tried to steer clear of Seattle over the weekend since bumper shoot was going on!! Craziness! We had such gorgeous weather though!

Anonymous said...

those cookies are so cute! can you share the recipe my pooch would love them !