My (Revised) Eating Habits: Pregnancy Edition

Hello! Two good things have happened since the last time I blogged. 1) I survived a crazy work week (and should be rewarded with gifts) and 2) I regained my appetite. Due to how sick I've been feeling since I discovered I was pregnant, I pretty much tossed my yeast free / Paleo way of eating out the window. Unfortunately, I was only able to keep down foods that were definitely not Paleo, but I figured some nutrients were better than none at all and took my eating cues from my body. I was repulsed by any kind of meat, eggs, and most veggies (and water)! Which is basically all you eat when you follow a Paleo lifestyle! Needless to say, it was frustrating. 

But this weekend I really felt like I regained my appetite, and things that sounded repulsive before actually sounded tasty!
I was able to eat eggs, bacon, salmon, and even steamed broccoli! And although I'm not 100% back to how I had been eating the 6 months prior to my pregnancy, I feel like I'm slowly making my way back.
For now, potatoes and rice really calm my stomach if I'd had a particularly nauseous day, so I allow myself to eat that anytime I'm feeling ill. And sometimes, red meat still makes my stomach roll. So if I'm not feeling it, I steer clear! 

I know nutrition is so important, especially when you're pregnant, but I feel that for now the most important thing is to listen to my body. I've simply been rolling with the punches when it comes to my pregnancy, and although that often means using non-gluten free rice in a stir fry rather than my substitute cauliflower "rice," or heck, just opting for a bowl of Cheerios for dinner the third night in a row, I'm eating what I can keep down! 

It has been challenging for me to let go of my rigid eating guidelines (I think that again this points to my extreme type A tendencies), but it feels good to eat a full meal and not throw up! And it feels even better to have some energy! Throwing up is already exhausting for your body, but throwing up when you hardly have any nutrients to begin with inside of you is just depleting. 

So hello to my regained appetite and finding my way back to healthy eating and hello to accepting that sometimes the best thing to eat is whatever stays down. And an even bigger hello to accepting that fact rather than beating yourself up over it. Hello!


AM said...

Your photos of food look so good they made me hungry! Happy for you that your appetite is coming back. I would eat whatever you crave that's a bonus of being pregnant. :) Have you ever tried ginger? Fresh ginger simmered in water for about 10 minutes makes a tea that can help reduce the nausea feeling. Some places even sell candied ginger. Good luck with everything!

Tiff said...

Glad you are able to be eating more foods! I hope it continues to get better too!

Kristin said...

Now I want salmon tonight!!