Naughty or Nice?

My baby has not been very well behaved lately...
{I'm talking about Huck, not Steven :)}
Just this morning he enlarged the hole in the wall
--that he had made earlier this month--
chewed apart the area rug in the bathroom,
chewed the area rug in the hallway,
put a hole in my brand new Victoria's Secret robe,
and ate his own feces.
{and then licked my face}

What the heck is wrong with me??
Oh, the things we soft hearted folks do for our pups.

And because I love him so, I did some Huckleberry Christmas shopping yesterday!
I'm going to wrap them tonight, and on Christmas Eve, when Steven and I exchange gifts, we'll let Huckleberry open his Christmas gifts as well.
How stinkin' cute is that going to be!
My pups first Christmas!
I am one very excited momma.
He loves his bunny.
Although, Huck is probably more naughty than nice {sigh}, I am definiatly happy to have him.
And yes, I spoil him outrageously.
Unfortunately, this probably means he's going to develop only child syndrome,
but in those sweet moments, it's all worth it.
Can't wait to take picture of him unwrapping his gifts for you all!! Any other crazy dog owners buying presents for their fluffy babies this Christmas?


Kodi said...

All of my dogs are honestly getting atleast 10 toys each. Yes.. we are crazy. But like you said, the things we do for our babies:)

Hope you, Steven and Huckleberry have a wonderful Christmas!


Amira said...

Get.Out.Of.Here.With.That.Face!!!! I would never be able to tell him no!!!

Elle said...

We definitely know what having a puppy tear everything apart is like. Check out this post about our dog's "Terrible Awful" at our apartment--


Despite that we love him and also have Christmas presents for our pup. He's spoiled rotten! Can't wait to see what Huck gets for Christmas ;)

Liz Brown said...

Oh gawsh. He needs spankins. But with that mug, I'm betting he won't get any ... :)

Thanks for the blog award, btw! I'm getting right on that, eventually. haha.

Mariposa said...

oh, the joys of puppyhood! i, too, had the hardest time not spoiling my pup, even when he's bad, because he's just so darn adorable. how do you stay mad at them? after 2 3/4 years, this is something i still haven't learned! haha.

hope you all have a very merry christmas! :]

Barb said...

Oh yeah, lots of presents. Check out my blog for a short video of our youngest opening her gifts herself this year.

Short story: Two years ago my husband wrapped my presents and put them under the tree right after dinner without washing his hands first. I came home the next day and found all of my gifts ripped open (and slightly chewed). Someone was trying to find where that wonderful hamburger smell was coming from!


P.S. Your Huck is a sweetie! I'll be following you to get more stories.

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Crate. The crate is your friend. The crate is your dog's friend. (Disregard the fact that my pup just had that surgery you know...eating the harness...in the crate..while I was gone. Yeah. It's not the last time you'll hear that reference I'm sure. Haha.) Anyway...Sasha, other than the harness incidents (yep, plural on that, too) has not bothered anything much in the house. If she chews on something inappropriate, we quickly give her a toy and praise her when she takes it. If I can't watch her at that moment (like I go outside to water plants, I'm in the othe room sewing, whatever) I put her in the crate. She feels cozy and secure in it. We leave the door open and sometimes she goes in all by herself just to let down...or she'll grab a toy from it and come out. Anyway...I'm assuming you do not have a crate, though you may very wellbe using one and Huck is just extra naughty. Haha. Like I tell Sasha allll the time "good thing you're cute!" She's so much work (and has put at least 10 holes in various articles of clothing!) but, yep, we still love her. I bought her a toy for Christmas, but she was recovering from surgery so she never got it. I guess I should give it to her now. ;)
Have all of Hucks teeth come in? I think Sasha's 2 months older? She's 6 mo. now. Her teeth are ginormous!!! She doesn't tear holes much in the clothes anymore b/c they're not the razor sharp puppy teeth.

Okay. My book is done. I seriously need to be sewing, but am having fun going through all of your posts!