Procrastination...is Okay, right?

I have a problem. Some people call it procrastination, but I'd like to think of it as relaxation before the work begins. I like my job. I like feeling productive and accomplished. Problem is, the way my job often works is a step-by-step-now-wait-a-few-days process rather than a finish-it-and-cross-it-off today process. When I start something, I like to see it completed before I leave for the evening. Not how it works here. Everything I start takes a few days to complete because oftentimes, I just don't have all the necessary information. This forces me to have a lot of incomplete projects on my desktop, and that REALLY annoys me..

Unfortunately, to deal with this issue, I've gotten in the habit of waiting to start projects until I have all the necessary junk and such to finish it. Basically, I am procrastinating just like I did in my college days. Procrastination + deadlines = a frustrating existence.
I really don't think college taught me anything after all...

I bet if I had a swanky office like this one I'd kick my bad habits in the rear and be the Queen of Productivity!
Yeah, probably not.
I need a severe dose of motivation. Any suggestions?

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