Pretty Presents, Magical Music, and my Lumberjack Man

I had a fantastic Christmas-y weekend! On Saturday I went to a white elephant gift exchange with the future mommy and sis -in-law at church. White elephant gift exchanges are always rather amusing. Some presents were pretty awesome, others were outrageously cheesy--but I think everyone had a great time. 

Later that evening, I went to a Christmas {kinda} concert. My {kinda} boss is in a band called Erwilian. And let me just say, they are absolutely AMAZING! Like, fo' real--AMAZING. I had heard bits and pieces of their music before, but hearing it live was a totally new experience. I was blown away by the talent. I would classify them as an acoustic folk bank, but they put a contemporary twist on all their compositions, making it completely original and vastly different from any other sound I've ever heard before. Again, it was AMAZING. You can check out their website here if you're interested. Or, check them out of iTunes!
Also, this weekend my stud muffin man split all the wood we had recently purchased so I'd have a nice, cozy winter. He is such a hard worker! {and he looked really rugged and handsome while doing it} I appreciate him so, so much!

Hope you folks had a lovely weekend also! :)

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melanie said...

i love your blog! so happy i found it.