5 Reasons Why I'm Excited To Go Home For Christmas

Guess what? Thursday is December 1st!! Crazy, huh? This month has flown by and now it's time to start my finger and toe countdown till Christmas! 
(and ears and nose and teeth and belly button, because there are still too many days and not enough phalanges) 

But I digress...
I'll be flying from Seattle to DC with my main squeeze on Christmas Eve to spend some time with mommy and daddy dearest for the holidays! (Mark your calendars you east coast folks!) There are many reasons why I'm excited to be going home, other than the fact that I haven't seen my parents since JULY! What the Eff, you say? I know! My thoughts exactly.

But I narrowed my list from 1,639 things I'm excited about to just 5 for you lovely readers.  

1. Shopping.
A) it's Christmas and
B) you know my mom is going to buy me goodies because she's missed me so. Plus, there really isn't a better mommy/daughter bonding activity. Try to think of one...you couldn't, could ya?

2. Sugary Cereal.
I Love, Love, LOVE kiddy cereal. Cookie Crisp, Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms-- you name it! YUM. But I never buy it for myself because it's just not worth the money, not to mention I have a weird cereal complex that makes it impossible for me not to finish the box in one setting. First, I pour the cereal, then I add the milk, then there is too much milk and not enough cereal, I add more cereal, eat for a while, realize that I need more milk, pour more milk, continue eating, then I need more cereal! It really never ends until the box is completely empty. 

3. Scrapbooks.
I HATE scrapbooking, but my mom is the world's greatest scrapbooker. I love going home and taking all the scrapbooks she's done off the bookshelf and browsing the pages of my youth. Sigh. I've seen them a million times but they never become old to me. Mommy is just so darn creative with those scrapbooks it's silly! (I'll post some pics of her work when I get there. You'll love 'em and want her to make you one.) I always feel motivated to scrapbook after I view her creations, but I know better. I've attempted it in the past. I feel anxious when I scrapbook. Like if you are sitting near me I might punch you in the face anxious. I'm not sure why.

4. Cracker Barrel.
I just really want to eat at a Cracker Barrel. We don't have them on the west coast and it's a shame.

5. Harry Potter.
The Harry Potter movies are fantastic! Yeah, i just said that. I really don't understand why some people think they are wicked. And although I've seen all of them, mom and I haven't seen the latest one together, and well, we have to watch it together. It's kinda a tradition. 

Welp, that's my lame-o list. I think I'm pretty easy to please. 

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