Random Thoughts.

I love my mom because she sends me links to websites like this.

My puppy was really wird last night. He got up at 1am. I thought he had to potty so I let him out, but he just laid on the ground {in the bitter cold I might add} for an hour! {ok, not an hour}..and then he came inside and went back to bed. I think he was overheated--I like to keep my lake house cozy {aka scolding hot}.

I got my new camera this week! But I haven't had any time to take pictures yet..

I decided to make these for the Christmas party at work next week. I'll let you know how they turn out.

In 15 days I'll be back in West Virginia. When I get home I'm going to make Steven sit beside me on the floor and go through my old hope chest filled with all my childhood treasures! That will be exciting {for me anyway}.

Also, when I'm home, Steven and I are going to take a 3 hour drive to our college town--where we fell in love {sigh}--to see some good friends.

And that is all. {for now}
I hope you have a super splendid weekend!

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The Teenagers said...

awwwwww your puppy is so cute!

followed your blog and can't wait to read your next post!