Weekend Review: 4 {glorious} Days Off

Steven and I took Friday off to jumpstart the holiday weekend! Having 4 days off was amazing and we were able to get so much accomplished around the house! I know, sounds like a lame way to spend a long weekend, but like I said before, working on your home is simply a rewarding feeling and I'm so glad we were able to spend our time investing in that. 

Unfortunately for Steven, a day project turned into a weekend long project! He tackled a much needed garage repair by peeling off the siding that was rotting near the ground, replacing any damage that was behind it, and then adding treated trim. Next up, we have to decide on paint colors for this monstrosity of a garage. 
While he labored away on the garage, I continued weeding the garden and tackled a small, beautification project of my own that included these pretties. 
And of course I hung out with this guy, who is pretty much the best gardening companion a girl could have. 
And no weekend would be successful without some good food! We may have went out to eat twice this weekend and went for a Dairy Queen run... {their darn commercials get me every time!!}
And although it was awesome, I don't want to fall away from my yeast free/Paleo lifestyle so I made sure to end the weekend with some healthy food prep for the upcoming work week. (Including these homemade baked oatmeal muffins!)
All in all, it was a pretty perfect weekend. It seems like a lot of work and little to no play, but we were able to get a lot of rest, movie watching, and cuddle time in too!

Really, these holiday things....we should have more of them.

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Anonymous said...

I love Huck's expression: "Why, yes, I do know I'm charming."

Christine said...

Mmmm Hop Jacks!

Sarah said...

Floyd is my best gardening companion as well!

Seriously, DQ! I've been craving a blizzard. Can't wait to see that recipe!

Nikki said...

Huck is so cute! We also went out to dinner twice this weekend. Some times you just have to splurge :)

From Foothills to Fog said...

That looks like a great weekend! Ours was pretty low key as well, but it was so nice to relax! Did you spray paint a pot for the flowers? Can't wait to see it.

Those muffins look amazing. Will you post the recipe?

M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

I wish I had another 4 days off! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a rewarding weekend! I love the little projects you guys do around the house - I can't wait til I have posts like this :D

Sarah and Stewart said...

We spent most of the weekend working, too, at our family lakehouse. It was super hard work but you're right, hard work on your own home is very rewarding! And it makes having a cold beer at the end that much more satisfying. :-)

Sarah @ Life As Always

Stephanie Gautam said...

It's incredibly rewarding to work on your house! I love for the movies and cuddles too :o). My boyfriend and I recently bought a house and so our weekends are always filled up with projects. You can read about them here:


Nelson Mcglaughlin said...

“…working on your home is simply a rewarding feeling…” – I agree. This may not be as fun as other activities you may have in mind. But thinking of all the benefits it could give you in the long run, it’s all worth to do. Siding is done. I wonder what’s the next project you will have.

Nelson @ Royal Roofing & Siding