Life's little moments captured on my iPhone.
cute little goat saying hello
a pup searching for treats and one very confused kitty
birthday celebrations with beer towers, pizza, and friends.
finally fitting into all my itty bitty skirts again.
late nights at work made better with cute notepads and lucky pennies.
a little bit of heaven in a glass jar.

Work has been pretty busy this entire month. 
I blame it for me not keeping up with the challenge.
But when I look back on these little snapshots in life...
it's easy to see that life is indeed good.
Very, very good.
and I'm very grateful.

p.s. I really want a goat.

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Sarah and Stewart said...

OMG that goat is so cute, I want one, too! And my husband would absolutely LOVE that habanero sauce... I can't hang with the spicy stuff, though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That pizza looks heavenly.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute goat! I want one so bad, I am hoping we can get one when we move onto some property. I think I have those same shoes - super cute! & I love those notepads :D Hope you are having an amazing week so far!

Jeneric Generation said...

I can't get over how cute that goat is. Have you seen the youtube video of goats yelling like humans? Hehe...

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

Soooo I saw this and immediately thought of you:



Callie {FirstComesLove} said...

I really actually enjoy that I've seen every single one of these pictures already :)