Long Weekend.

Huckleberry swimming at Lake Morton.

My long weekend will be filled with yard work {boo}, photo collage hanging, puppy (and kitty) cuddling, a family BBQ, and maybe, just maybe, a date squeezed in there at some point. And, if I'm really productive, some pretty picture taking for my blog! {HA! Doubt it...sorry, friends}

What are you plans for the Labor Day Weekend?


Rustic Living said...

Huck is so cute! Whiskey loves to swim too : ) Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend Danielle!

Nicole Marie said...

awww! our lab used to loooveee swimming in the lake.... but HATED baths. i never understood that

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

I have always wanted a doggie like this...trying to convince my husband but he says not til our current ones are "gone" - SUCH a cute pic and love the name "Huckleberry" haha. Just found your blog from Brown Town! Glad I did! Newest follower!

Kristy said...

I want to go to this lake! It looks so relaxing. And that cute puppy of yours makes me want one for my kids to grow up with!