Wedding Week: The Finishing Touches

After I decided on my gown, the next step was those small finishing touches that complete the overall look. Since there was already some bling on my dress, I decided not to wear a necklace and instead opted for teardrop earrings and a simple bangle bracelet. 
For the shoes, I knew I had to wear flats since the ceremony was being held outside on grass. I found these fun ones from DWS! I loved the idea of having the shoes be my "something blue!"
I was lucky enough that my hair stylist came to me at my uncle's house {where the ceremony and reception were both held} to do my hair and makeup! I decided on a low bun with loose curls with an ivory and lace flower clip. 
The hair piece was actually made by my wedding photographer who just so happens to be my old college roommate from freshman year!
I also carried my late grandmothers handkerchief around the base of my bouquet as my "something old" and wore a wedding garter that had a touch of blue {pictured above}. 

It was the personal touches, the hair piece and handkerchief, that really made me feel like a "unique" bride and made my day that much more memorable! I felt so blessed having people who I love be a part of my day like that!

How about you? What was your "something old" or "something borrowed," etc. that completed your look and gave your wedding a more personal touch?? I'd love to know!

Flower hair piece: Bridget Rochelle Photography
Shoes: DWS 
Earrings/bracelet: Nordstrom
Garter: David's Bridal


Allie said...

awww i love how even the smallest things had sentimental value... this is how i plan on choosing my accessories :)

Behold the Metatron said...

I can't decided whether to wear my hair up or down. I love yours, and that's what I would get it I wore it up... but I don't think it's me. Know what I mean?

But, I LOVE the earrings. Might have to copy you on that one for sure.


Courtney said...

Your hair was beautiful!!

I often think about whether I will want my hair up or down for my wedding (when the time comes haha). How did you decide? Or did you know from the beginning that you wanted it up?

Liz Brown said...

I really love how you kept the accessories simple ... your gown was gorgeous as the centerpiece, like you said. Love the blue shoes! I think all brides should stay away from white shoes and have a burst of color down there! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your shoes! My fiance and I will be getting married outdoors, too. I love the idea of blue flats, but I've also seen some pretty white, strappy, sandals that I love!


Anne @ Cup of Caffeine said...

Those shoes look like fun! I also went with a simple look and fun shoes.
My something old was a garter that both my Grandma and Mom wore in their weddings, it was also my something blue.
My something borrowed was Ryan's Mom's earrings that I wore in memory of her.

I blogged about some of the details a while ago: http://cupofcaffeine.blogspot.com/2012/03/dress.html

Kara said...

Love the shoes. And your hair is so flattering on you. You hit the mark on a beautiful, unique bride!


Anonymous said...

I love that your shoes were your something blue - mine was my garter :)