I'm 24.

Isn't your birthday supposed to make you one year more wise, more mature, more cultured, more purpose driven? If so, I missed the birthday boat. I'm pretty positive I'm simply the same as I was 2 days ago. Just older. 

I always get this strange sense of disillusionment after my birthday. Actually, after any holiday. It's the anticipation one feels leading up to the day that creates the excitement. And then when it's all over, I feel almost cheated. Why? I have no idea. It has nothing to do with insufficient celebration, family, or friends. It's just a weird internal disease I've always struggled with. 

Yes, a disease. I think discontentment is a disease. It can eat you up and make you miserable if you allow it. 

But I digress...

All in all, I had a great birthday! I'm just no longer 12, so the pink princess tiara and pony riding days are over. (Actually, I can't remember a birthday when I wore a pink princess tiara or rode a pony...but you get my point.) After work, Steven and I went to Point Defiance Park (ya know, where we got our engagement photos taken) and ate at a restaurant right on the water called Anthony's. 
Good food, beautiful location, and quality time with my man?? It really doesn't get much better than that. Oh yeah, and dessert. Of course I had dessert :)

Hope everyone else had a good Tuesday! And feel free to eat a piece of cake (or the whole darn thing) in celebration of me gracing this earth with my presence for 24 years. 

Does anyone else struggle with post birthday blues?? If so, I'd love to hear about how you shake yourself out of it!


Cara said...

I love Anthony's. The one in Kirkland is really pretty too right on Lake Washington. I know what you mean about post birthday blues. I feel like as you get older, birthdays just aren't the same. You still have to go to work, etc. I just usually try and focus on the next big thing coming up. I love having things to look forward to. Looks like you had a nice birthday, though!

Michelle Nelson said...

I feel you on the post b-day blues/post holiday blues! There is so much buildup and joy and then boom, it's over. It won't be long and you'll feel great again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Danielle, I'm a new follower I just wanted to say hi, I love your blog!

Allie Todd said...

Happy (belated) birthday!

... I kind of feel like birthdays are overrated. Which might be why that "birthday slump" happens... there's just so much anticipation and build-up... and then another day passes you by and you move on with your life.

But either way - it sounds like you had a wonderful day! Just wait til you have kids one day... everything will be renewed and birthdays will be brand new again! Haha ;)

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Thank you for linking up girl! Happy belated birthday! Gosh, your weekend looked amazing! That food is seriously looking so good!

Have a lovely day :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! that all looks amazing. you look great and that coat is gorgeous!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Happy Birthday. I'm the same way with birthdays. I really don't enjoy the attention, nor the whole getting older thing. It makes me re-evaluate, then become depressed b/c my life isn't what I thought it would/should be. Why do we do this to ourselves? It really is a disease.

BUT. I hope you had a wonderful day, despite the disillusionment.

Xo, Emily

Naptime Review said...

Great pictures and the most adorable button I have seen...

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Nicholl Vincent said...

happy birthday! looks like you had a fun time!

Hope you had a good day! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hi :)

Anni said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Germany!! <3

I saw you on the link up! Love your blog!
Hope you had a good day! Stop by http://grapefruitprincess.blogspot.com and say hi :)

Mrs Independent said...

Today is the post-birthday let down for me. Although, Anthony's does sound pretty good. Maybe that will help :)

Treasure Tromp said...

looks like an amazing birthday!!