Friday Letters

Dear Pinterest - You have too many good ideas. Especially this one above. Make your own all natural coffee creamer?? I never would have thought of this on my own! And the amount of coffee creamer I go through is intense. Steven and I will definitely benefit by this idea! Also, we have completed our Pinterest inspired desk! Now we just need to decorate the office...Dear Family - I missed you on my birthday. I hate being homesick. Worst. Feeling. Ever. Dear Seahawks - Preseason game this  Saturday! Now I just need to get some Seahawks gear so I can look like a true fan! {Which I'm not. Go Giants!} Dear Steven - Tonight let's stay in, eat ice cream, and watch movies in our pj's all while cuddling our pup and kitty. K? Dear Seattle Traffic - You stress me out beyond belief. I can't handle driving in you during rush hour. I know there are bad drivers wherever you go, but seriously, you are by far the worst in my opinion. {No offense fellow Washingtonians who read my blog. I really almost died yesterday so I'm a little bitter.}

Hope everyone has a great weekend! See you on Monday :)


Cara said...

The drivers here are SO bad its ridiculous. I came from CA and its so noticeably worse here. I don't understand why.

Allie said...

FEEL you on the traffic. i seriously will never understand. if everyone just drove the speed limit... wouldn't traffic cease to exist?!

Anne @ Cup of Caffeine said...

Homemade coffee creamer is so yummy and easy!
Ugh traffic and Seattle drivers. I totally know what you mean. When I was visiting last month, I pretty much had a heart attack every time I was in the car. Darn passenger side doesn't have brakes!

Angie said...

GO SEAHAWKS! So excited!
And you're so right on...WA drivers SUCK! They're even worse on this side of the state (Tri Cities). I was so sad to give up my Oregon license two weeks ago and actually become a Washingtonian. Super sad day. Have an awesome SAFE weekend!

Sarah said...

I spend wayyyyy too long on Pinterest...its addicting. Found you on the link up, cute letters!


Beth Wade said...

Ah....perspective is everything. Coming from San Diego and LA, I find WA traffic to be a nice relief. Unless there's a bridge closure, it's usually only 20 minutes of delay, and traffic moves (albeit slowly and haltingly). That's nothing compared to being stuck in one spot for over an hour, having to turn your car off so it doesn't overheat.

But also, Angie's comment cracks me up about the TriCities. My folks live out there, and except for one hour during the post-workday commute on George WA Blvd, there's so few cars on every road and freeway that you'd think you were in a town of 20 people! :)

Mrs Independent said...

The drivers here amazing compared to what I saw in NJ - they are SUPER aggregssive. Sorry you almost died :( enjoy your night in!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I could go for some coffee right now.. That is so awesome that you can make your own creamer!
Seattle traffic is horrible, I semi-close to there. There are some really rude drivers out there. I hate it :(
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Petchie said...

I am obsessed with pinterest as well! I am in love with all of the ideas it has i get so excited about trying new recipes I find on it!


Jamie said...

I agree! Seattle does have the worst traffic I've ever seen...it sucks!

<3 Jamie

Nicholl Vincent said...

so sorry you are homesick, i feel the same way!

Have a great week ahead! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!