The World's Worst Pumpkin Carver

Is me.
I stink at carving pumpkins.
Honestly, I was so embarrassed with my pumpkin carving skills that I almost didn't want to display them on my front porch.
But then I did.
{Because, well you can put whatever the heck you want to on your front porch when you're the last house living on a dead end street ;)}
Seriously, how terrible are they??!!
And if you're thinking "oh, that one on the right isn't too bad..."
That's because I didn't carve that one.
Mine's the tall one on the left with the gaping hole in it's face.

In my defense, we weren't working with very good knives.
I know excuses, excuses. :)

But one good thing I did learn from this fall experience is that Huckleberry loves to eat raw pumpkin.
He did not want to let that piece go.  

Have you carved pumpkins this fall? Better get to it!


Rustic Living said...

haha! this is hilarious. Carving pumpkins is no easy task! So I appreciate your pumpkin : )

p.s. Huck looks adorable as always!

Anonymous said...

i can't carve a pumpkin to save my life. i'm thinking of doing the polka dot one i see on pinterest. how hard could it be to make holes in it?

huck is killing me with that pumpkin face.

Karla said...

hahaha but it all looks so easy on pinterest! I cant even begin to imagine what mine are going to look like..

Karla said...

hahaha but it all looks so easy on pinterest! I cant even begin to imagine what mine are going to look like..

Anonymous said...

Those are way better than I would have done. And your dog is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I don't even TRY to carve pumpkins because my skills are so appalling! Loving cute Huck here though :) My pup goes nuts when I open a can of pumpkin to bake with ~ she loves it!

Alexis [Living the WifeStyle] said...

That's so funny! I'm so glad you did decide to show them to us! :)

Stamp in My Passport said...

Hahaha. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is terrible at this! Pinterest makes it look so easy.

Tina Byland said...

Hahaha! I am pretty horrible, too! I can't do all of that fancy stuff! Mmmmm puppies love pumpkin! haha!

Kennedy said...

Honestly, your pumpkins do not look bad. I actually love the joined eyes! We used to have a bull dog that ate everything. Literally, everything. We actually had to put him to sleep because of all the crap that he ate that his stomach and intestines started growing around. But anyways, once, we walked outside after carving pumpkins and guess who ate all the goop and seeds we took out of the pumpkins? :) Your dog is too cute. I also love your blog.

daniwhitney said...

Haha love them! Don't worry you are not the only one- last year I tried carving a witch from a cut out and it turned out looking like a big holy with a hat!!

audrinajulia said...

Ha ha how cute your dogs look like eating the pumpkin. I just hope that it's not the first one you carve or else I will scream it myself if that happens to me! lol. I did'nt able to experience yet carving one. Halloween is not a big deal all over here not like in your place. Glad that we do have trick and treat that kids love.


Treasure Tromp said...

this is absolutely hilarious.

Crystal Lynn Kamm said...

Your dog is adorable! He looks very much like my beautiful little girl Sadie :)

Becky [Apples of Gold] said...

This is awesome! My pumpkin would probably look the exact same way! =) lol. Love it. Thanks for the laugh! =)

Consider The Lilies said...

i just hopped on over from SOML and i felt like i could relate with this post so i had to share. you aren't alone my pumpkin looked AWFUL this year haha!

and that last picture of your dog, so adorable :)

Meow Opre said...

This Halloween activity is very interesting. We don't do it here in our place, maybe because we find it unethical to carve pumpkins as if we're making fun of a vegetable. But seriously, I am amazed with how talented those who could carve. Thanks for these pumpkin carving ideas . I would love to list them on my collection please. Cheers and good day always!