Mosby Farm

Some weekends it's hard to get moving. After working all week, it's easy to just spend your two days off sitting on the couch catching up on missed TV episodes. But no matter how exhausted I am, when Steven and I do decide to quit being lame and get our butts moving, I always have such a great time! It's worth it people, being adventurous, doing something you normally wouldn't do, turning the TV off --it's worth it. 

Lately, we have been discovering that there are simple, little treasure right down the street from us! While browsing the interwebs for a pumpkin patch, we found Mosby Farm. Mosby Farm didn't just have a pumpkin patch, but they also can boast of an extensive corn maze along with local, fresh produce from their own farm, as well as other smaller farms from the surrounding area. Homemade honeys, jams, hot coco...the list is endless. Needless to say, I was impressed. And the best part, it is practically in our backyard it is so close! 
Right now, their shop is full of fall decor. So simple and cute. I loved it!

And yes, we bought two of those massive pumpkins!

We also found out that they have wine and beer tasting nights. Unfortunately, we just missed their last one of the season, but hope to catch a few next year.

It was nice to get out of the house and discover such awesome finds so close to home! And I've learned that for Steven and I to have an adventure we don't have to go all the way into Seattle (although, that is nice from time to time, too). There is so much to do right out our back door if only we'd get moving! ;)


Anonymous said...

that looks so fun! :)

Anne @ Cup of Caffeine said...

What a fun place to spend a day! There really is a lot in the surrounding area of Seattle. I love exploring the little towns :)

audrinajulia said...

Love all the photos and I adore the beautiful look of that colored corn! ( sorry for the enchantment, we don't have that kind here in the Philippines ) Agree that sometimes, (most of the times could be great too! ) going outdoor is such fun to do, most especially if you'll go into a place that you like to see most!


daniwhitney said...

I love doing things like this, looks like you two had fun!

Bev said...

I love your photos Daniellita!
It looks like you had a good time! All because you decided to get going :) Awesome!

Perpetuity said...

Oh I love this time of year and this is why!

Anonymous said...

You had me at "wine and beer tasting"!! :) But seriously, that place looks super cute! I just can't get enough of everything pumpkin and Fall-ish right now.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures. I especially like the chair set in the last one.