Friday Letters

My boys. So cute.

Dear Washington Weather - It looks like your  back to your signature status. The forecast calls for rain, rain, and rain. It's okay though. I really enjoyed the beautiful fall weather but this is nice too. Dear Home - Why is there always so much to be done?! I feel as if you are one GIGANTIC, never-ending project. All the unfinished rooms within you are starting to stress me out. I guess what I really need is a money tree to sprout in the backyard. Then Steven and I could really get some things done ;). Dear Huckleberry - You need to go a little easier on Herschel. He is still just a baby. And although I know you are simply playing and think Herschel is your toy, he is only 6 lbs! Be gentle, love. Be gentle. Dear Husband - I think we need to go away together. Get out of town for a few days, turn off our phones, and leave our laptops behind. Evaluate and readjust. Sometimes life is good at throwing things all out of whack, so it's simply best to just get away from it all. Anyways, I love you. Dear Blog Friends - I've been able to cross off so much on my fall to-do list! Apple picking, pumpkin carving, baking fall recipes...basically, I'm on a roll and should be awarded a medal or something. But I'm out of ideas! What are some other fall festivities I can add to my list?? What are your favorite fall traditions?

Hope you have a great weekend!
I'll be back Monday :)


Robin said...

I would love to take a vacation with no phones or laptops. It sounds peaceful.

Holly said...

My husband and I are SO in need of a vacation! I made your pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this week - they were fantastic! Even my picky toddler loved them :D

audrinajulia said...

A date with hubby sounds great and unwinding. Agree with your thoughts. Have a great weekend!


Kenzie Smith said...

Rain, rain, and more rain definitely sounds like Washington! I have been loving it (:
Cute letters! Hope you guys are able to get more projects down around the house and go on a vacation! That would be oh so nice.