The Kettle

Before discovering the cozy, little bookstore I posted on yesterday, Steven and I dined at The Kettle. It was the second time we've ate here, so we knew better than to order two separate dishes. The portions here are HUGE!! They are kinda known for their scramblers --egg, harsh brown, sausage, and veggie goodness smothered in cheese-- so we ordered one to share and still went home with plenty of leftovers.
This is a 1/2 order!!! I could only finish about 1/4 of it! So.Much.Food.
Sleepy husband.

It was a cute diner with good food and a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Enumclaw is quickly becoming one of the best small towns I've been too. (And I'm from West Virginia, so I've been to a lot!) I wanted to take more pictures of all the cute decor in the diner, but the place was super packed and I didn't have the courage want to be that crazy blogger lady...probably much to Steven's relief ;)

..oh yeah, in case you haven't noticed it's Wednesday. We are half way there!! Oh weekend, these days I feel as if I live for you!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Kai Mercado said...

holy moly that looks delicious :)



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