My Week (pt. 3)

This past week...

1. I made some yummy pizza bubble bread and realized it was a HUGE mistake..because I've been munching on it all week!
2. Steven and I found a house we absolutely love. We hope to make it our home.
3. I learned that people in this world can be cruel and heartless (as evidenced in this post). And that makes me really sad.
4. I realized that forgetting to bring my cell phone to work makes me feel incomplete. And then I scolded myself for my silly first world issues. 
5. I began to feel the sting of Fantasy Baseball season. Just like Fantasy Football, I  know it will completely consume every free moment in my fiancé day...and I don't like it. Because I'm selfish, and apparently needy.
6. I learned that the .99 box of brownies doesn't taste as good as the $2.49 box of brownies. It really doesn't.
7. I learned (just this moment actually) that there is not a "cent" key on my computer. Didn't they use to have those?? Or am I imaging that? Does my phone have one? Rats, I can't check because I LEFT MY PHONE AT HOME! 
8. I decided that giving up coffee, or even simply cutting my coffee intake, is silly and absolutely ridiculous and I refuse to do it any longer. Long life coffee.
9. I realized that I have way more photos of my puppy than my fiancé. That's why I can always post new pictures of Huck but have to recycle pictures of me and Steven...
10. I decided that I'm going to work on reversing that.
Have a happy weekend, friends!


Rustic Living said...

LONG LIVE COFFEE! And yes, I have more pictures of my Whiskey than I do my hubby....oops ;) Long live golden retrievers! haha

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I drink one cup of coffee a day. I couldn't do anymore or I would be jumping off the walls. But I don't know that I could give it up totally. Kudos if you do!

Kelsey said...

I love your my week posts! You should really think about making these a link up. I would definately link up each week! I'm so happy by man doesn't participate in fantasy baseball. I don't know if I could deal with fanasty football and baseball. It seriously consumes their lives!