At the Lake House

This past weekend was a dreary one. It rained, snowed, or hailed pretty much all weekend! Everyday was dark. Yet I managed to make the best of things whilst drinking hot coco, watching the Walking Dead season finale, trying out a new recipe, and doing some serious tidying up around mi casa! 
 Crisp Mountain Air candle --heavenly. 
 Nothing better than a good book and a rainy day.
 I love this canvas painting above my bed. Unfortunately it's not mine, it came with the rental.
I hope you all had a great weekend, rain or shine!


Anonymous said...

great photos, and it seemed like you made the absolute best of some gloomy weather! :)

Nancy said...

Have you decided on a wedding date yet or found your dress? I've been trying to picture in my head what kind of a dress I would see you in. What ever style you'll be gorgeous.

sarah@totalbassetcase.com said...

Love that last pic of your pup...thats a framer!

Cara said...

your dog is absolutely adorable! love the pictures