I'm like the Paparrazzi

So sneaky.
{Err, and creepy.}
Sneaky. Silly pup.

Hope You Have A Great Weekend!


Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

No. You are the Pupparazzi! ;)
Cute little Huck.

brittany.kuhn said...

Hey I discovered your blog from Hollie Takes Notes. I started clicking back through your blog and love it so far and I am now following you through Follow Friday. We are definitely from opposite sides of the country, I am an Ohio girl. I also have a huge love for my pup and enjoy that you blog about yours too (: I look forward to following your blog and becoming friends.

Emily said...

I love photos of people when they have no idea you are watching. :) Cute pup! How old? Dogs make my heart melt! Love your blog, now following. :)